Effect of Air Conditioner on Your Car?s Fuel Consumption

Posted by WeBuyCarsToday on February 5th, 2015

People are very possessive for their cars, especially if it is a brand new one. Most of them avoid borrowing their new car to somebody because they do not want to take any risks. They are not sure if the other person would treat their new car the way they do. Some people are fond of the latest car models being released while others love vintage cars.

 Some people are looking for an opportunity to sell their car to any effective buyer claiming we buy cars UK while others are emotionally attached to their used cars and do not want to sell it. Internet has made the car selling and buying process a lot easier. There are many reliable and efficient car buyers with slogans like we buy cars UK at the best prices, etc. The trend of replacing used cars with better ones has increased over the past few years because of the enhanced convenience of car selling and buying methods online.

Air Conditioner causes Greater Fuel Consumption - A Myth

Be it a used car or a new one; it needs to be protected and maintained. You also need to pay attention of your gasoline consumption. Make sure that your car does not consume a lot of fuel. The gas prices have increased to a great extent so it is important to keep a check on your fuel consumption. However, most people believe that turning on the car air conditioner causes more gas consumption which is probably untrue. Your car air conditioner has hardly any effect on the amount of gasoline you consume.

Positive Effect of Running Air Conditioner

The fact is that the air conditioner in your car gets its energy and power from the engine which does use some gasoline content but it is in a small amount. In fact the air conditioner can actually help you reduce your fuel economy as much as up to 20% in some automobiles, depending upon your car type. It is interesting to know that it is better to drive with the air conditioner as compared to driving with the windows down. This is because your car experiences a sort of a drag force when your windows are down. In turn your car engine has to exert more power to keep your car running at the same speed.  This means that more fuel is consumed than if you just turn on the air conditioner and close the windows.

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