What are the Major Benefits of Using LED Sign Modules?

Posted by rohny01 on February 18th, 2021

When you look for the illuminated signage for the business use, you are left with three different choices such as LED, neon and fluorescent. Both the fluorescent and neon signs are having a long history and they are extremely reliable. But over the last few years, LEDs has become the top recommendation in market due to its creative and colorful displays.

No doubt LED is becoming a new trend in the world of lighting. And to guide you more about these Módulos LED rotulistas, here we have discussed few important benefits of it:

Long Life

High-quality LEDs can easily last long for maximum 50,000 to 100,000 hours which is around 6 years longer as compared to neon and fluorescent. The reason why they can survive for a long time is because they do have any sort of gases in it which can cause dimness or might leak. They will provide you a better brightness level throughout their whole lifespan.

Environmentally Friendly

Another best thing about these modular LED signs is that they are extremely environment-friendly. Generally most of the LED signs use 10 watts of power which makes around 80% of lesser energy as compared to neon systems. Due to these lower power requirements, you will be able to cause less strain in environment and will be able to reduce your energy costs. Unlike fluorescent or neon lights, these LEDs do not include any toxic gas such as argon or mercury.

Low Maintenance

On the basis of the long lifespan, efficiency and brightness, it is easy to figure out that how LED signs require less maintenance as compared to rest of the LED systems. They do not contain any sort of glass tubes or gasses which make them easy to clean and they do not burst out with heat.

They are best to use for the outdoor applications and do not need any sort of significant protection from different elements unlike the fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. If you want to use LED in humid or wet areas, then you have a choice of purchasing “waterproof” LED systems.


As we have already mentioned that LEDs does not include tubes, so the manufacturers can easily design them in thinner sizes. When we talk about basic neon sign, they have the thickness of 3-5 inches and the LED sign is 1-inch thick. Smaller LED sizes have lower installation and shipping costs.

Greater Signage Options

Along with the LED strips, you are allowed to use any combination of lights and can create it in any movement, color changes or the animations. This versatility is not possible when it comes to neon or the fluorescent signs. Hence LEDs are generally composed of separate lights in a multiple patterns and they can be programmed to fade and flash independently.


Neon and LED signs are known to be comparable in price so your final decision will be based on the fact that for what purpose you want to use the Pantallas HDsign. If you want your brand name or logo to be noticed by the crowd, then choosing LED should be your top choice.

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