Mahram Rules for Women in Islam

Posted by Abdul Maaz on February 18th, 2021

Mahram is a term in Islam used for men with a relation to women. Mahram is a man in family with whom marriage is forbidden in Islam. Hijab is not compulsory for women in front of Mahram. She can go to perform Hajj or Umrah with the help of group cheap Umrah packages from UK with Mahram. The men that are a relative but not Mahram are called as Non-Mahram. Hijab is compulsory in front of Non-Mahram.

Marriage is not allowed with Mahram:

Marriage with Mahram is forbidden for Muslims in Holy Quran. According to the teachings of Holy Quran, marriage with following relatives is forbidden:

Mothers, sisters, daughters, maternal aunts, paternal aunts, brother’s daughters, sister’s daughters, mother of your spouse, foster mothers, sisters from suckling, step daughters and your son’s spouse. Marriage is strictly forbidden with all these relations.

Who is Mahram for a woman?

Following are Mahram for a woman with whom she can talk or travel:
Father, grandfather, son, grandson, brother, uncle and great uncle are Mahram for a woman. Female is not allowed to marry with anyone of these. These are all the blood relations and Muslims should take care of their blood relations.

Hijab from Non-Mahram:

Women are strictly ordered to do Hijab or Purdah from all those who are Non-Mahram. Hijab is the symbol of faith and all those women that do Hijab from Non-Mahram are considered as pure and faithful women.

Islam gave rights to women:

Before Islam, women were not given their rights and were treated as slaves. Newborn girls were killed and were considered as the shame for father or family. Islam has made women the queens of their houses and also has given the rights of education to women. Holy Prophet strictly ordered that getting education is the duty of both males and females.

Journey rules for women and their safety:

Islam provided safety to women and also declared some rules for travel. Journey is required for both men and women for gaining education and for performing Hajj and Umrah. Women cannot travel alone and are asked to travel with their male relatives known as Mahram. Without Mahram females are not allowed to go out of home or for religious journey.

Going for Hajj and Umrah with Mahram:

Islam declared some rules for Hajj and Umrah. As women have been given too much respect and security in Islam, they are not allowed to perform Hajj or Umrah alone. They also cannot go to perform Umrah with Non-Mahram. Mahram male is compulsory for every female going to perform Hajj and Umrah. A female of age above 45 can go to perform Umrah alone only if she has the permission from her husband in a written form.

Avoid from Non-Mahram:

Women are weak as compared to men and therefore, Islam has provided some rules for their security. They may face lusty attack by men and they may also face any problem during the journey. Mahram can take care of her health without lusty feelings. All the women should act upon the teachings of Islam and should avoid from Non-Mahram men.

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