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Posted by custommadebeanies on February 6th, 2015

According to science, the head is one of the most susceptible parts of the human body to extreme weather. Wearing a custom beaniehat is a great fashion statement and promotes a healthy lifestyles, with complete head protection. Studies have revealed that over 20-40% of body heat escapes to the environment through the head. That figure takes momentous significance when an individual takes to measure the amount of heat required to live in the wild. Yet, even when not at any imminent danger it is imperative to keep the head sufficiently warm during the cold season. This helps in alleviating physical discomfort associated with cold weather.

This does not mean wearing anything over the head but rather something more appropriate. It is ideal to wear a beanie whenever going outdoor especially in the evening hours. The choice beanie will keep one’s head and indeed the body warm, safe, and comfortable under any circumstances. Besides, wearing a knit beanie with pom is commendable since most of them encompass accessories, which protect the head and surrounding parts. This means the head, neck, and the ears remain warm further accentuating the multi-functionality of beanies.

There are countless choices of beanie headgear for everyone. No one has the excuse of not purchasing and wearing one. However, the ideal headgear depends with numerous factors but the key aspect depends with the prevailing environmental conditions. For instance, beanies are ideal when an individual is strolling leisurely in a cold evening. There are several types of beanies to pick from. However, it is possible to make personal statement by wearing a custom knit tuquewith a personalized logo.

Customized Beanie Headgear

Beanie hats meant for cold weather are brimless. Most have wool to augment the aspect of keeping warm. They also help to keep hair in position when walking, or working in windy situations. Normally, beanies fit the head like a glove on hand. This design ensures no heat escapes from the head. The fact thata custom beanie comes in numerous designs and colors ensure you get to pick your most preferred headgear. It is possible to get any color such as basic black, grey, oranges red, or green. However, when going to visit the slopes, it is advisable to wear a brightly colored beanie hats. This is a safety measure since a brightly colored headgear is visible to everyone!

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