If You?re An Actual Mommy?s Boy, Don?t Even Bother To Seduce A Woman

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 27th, 2010

Men have a weakness for insatiable desire for sex. A woman will toy with this desire but once she gives in to sex, the man will get back in control. and if she witholds sex, he simply looks elsewhere. With so many articles on how to seduce women. There are that many books on how to impress a Woman. But how, really, do you get her attention, keep her attention, and make her come back for more of the wonderful you? Do you follow the men?s versions of The Rules, that say you wait x number of times, you avoid a, b, c, and you be sure to always do d, e, and f? Do you follow the special advice on how to seduce women who are hot or who are rich? Do you go with the psychology of genders, and follow the generalizations that all girls want Brad Pitt, all women are on diets, and all girls love to shop?

If you do try to abide by the rules of any of the above, aren?t you eliminating a number of options to meet and maybe get involved with a woman who loves cars and can drop an engine, rebuild it, and replace it in three weeks? Won?t you be leaving out the women who have no money but are potential money-makers as they are working two jobs and taking classes at night to become a veterinarian or a geologist?

You get the idea. Following some (I said ?some?) advice on how to seduce women might in fact have the opposite effect: you may gross her out (if she?s not like the girls targeted in the how-to-seduce-women-manual) when you were trying to intrigue her, you may make her laugh when you intended to make her swoon, or you may make her scream when you meant to make her giggle or laugh.

So how about this? How about following a few righteous and fair methods that work almost every time because you weren?t working at them or weren?t working her?

Therefore it would be wiser to use intelligent ways to seduce a woman then just act smart. Or what do you think? There are more ways to do this, there are the good and better ways and some worse. For example, Most men are so immoral that they use their wits to coarse women just to have sex, and manipulating them like sex objects albeit cunningly. This kind of approach will require you to have a little intelligence, you'll have to know how the woman mind work in order to outsmart them, control the game and win it using their own weapons. But before you get to keen on the idea just remember that there are other, more honest ways of winning a woman's admiration.

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