Common Misconceptions about Buying Targeted Traffic

Posted by SiteTrafficKing on February 6th, 2015

Generating organic traffic is typically seen as the fundamental way to attract visitors to websites. However, there are times when organic SEO simply isn't enough to generate the amount of visitors that a website needs to maintain good ROI. This is largely the result of the dynamic nature of SEO which can take a significant time to take effect and the never ending updates which can penalise certain sites. Purchasing targeted traffic can therefore often complement SEO techniques, and with the right approach, you can use it as a legitimate way to attract guaranteed traffic, without search engines.

There is an unmistakable connection between online leads and website traffic. In essence, the more people who can find your website or company on the internet, the more are fed into your conversion and sales funnel. The importance of generating hits or online traffic cannot be denied and strategies to attract the right traffic should not be lost in your overall marketing campaign. Employing social media marketing, optimizing for search visibility and buying web traffic outright are some of the best ways to attract the right traffic for your business, blog or webpage.

This said, a lot of web marketers are still on the fence about purchasing targeted traffic for their website, due in part to the many misconceptions and brokers who continue to sell traffic based on "fake" visitor generating software. It must be remembered however, that a competent provider utilizes genuine advertising techniques typically through pop unders. Pop unders are effective due to their specific niche targeting capability and un-intrusive nature. The lesson here is that when you want to buy website traffic - stick with the industry leaders to ensure you are getting what you pay for.

There are many undeniable benefits to buying website traffic which can be examined. One of the most common misconceptions about purchasing targeted traffic is that it is, at best, a short-term strategy. While it is true that purchasing traffic almost instantaneously leads to a spike in traffic and the website's search ranking, this doesn't have to be a temporary spike if you know how to gain repeat patronage from the visitors you gain, or set up your campaign to to deliver the visitors over a longer period. Purchasing traffic and forgetting about it will definitely lead to short-term results, but taking care of the visitors you earn by improving your website content, usability, and creating irresistible offers will guarantee long-term success. Ofcourse, some customers may want just that - a sudden and large increase of traffic without the wait.

Another common misconception about traffic-buying is that it breaches search engine optimization rules. This is inaccurate as legitimate traffic brokers merely advertise your content in a similar way that any other advertising company would. Buying targeted traffic will enhance the quality of visitors that go to your site and increase your chances of click throughs and conversions. Website traffic wholesalers that offer highly targeted traffic can be found online, providing you with quality web traffic that will increase your chances of capturing leads, conversions, and repeat business.

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