Why Your Email Database Matters to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Posted by SiteTrafficKing on February 6th, 2015

Email marketing still holds great significance for online businesses despite the emergence of more modern forms of online marketing. Used intelligently, it can help generate more leads and in turn, maximize ROI. Targeted email marketing offers a great advantage over bulk email marketing, in that it allows businesses to send out customized emails and targeted offers to consumers within a certain demographic, according to their needs. This is where keeping a targeted email database comes in handy as it helps drive the right kind of traffic to the business.

A targeted email database is a powerful marketing tool as it allows businesses to focus their marketing efforts on audiences that matter the most. Targeting your marketing efforts at a more advanced age group when your product is designed for a younger audience is just futile, and vice versa. Your marketing efforts should also be designed around the target consumers because sending targeted emails and offers to the right demographic will definitely improve your chances of having the said demographic buy into your product.

Keeping an email database also ensures responsiveness as people who are included in your email lists are there because they opted to. Opt-in email lists are the most valuable assets you can have for your email marketing campaign, along with targeted lists that include contacts that will most likely buy into what you are offering.

Targeting doesn't only apply to age, but to other elements such as location and buying cycle stages. Targeting people at different stages of their buying cycle allows you to target content that is most useful and relevant to them. A consumer's buying cycle has three main stages, starting from interest to research and purchase. Sending a email offer to a consumer at the interest stage, inviting them to check out your website for more information will spark their interest even more and lead them to researching about your product and eventually biting into your offer or asking for a quote. It is also at the interest stage that you can provide your target consumer with basic information about your company along with some reassurance that your future interactions will add value to their life.

A strategic and gentle approach to email marketing through your targeted email database will help ensure a greater influx of targeted traffic to your website, helping you increase your chances of returns and sales.

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