Why Your Social Media Marketing Efforts are Failing

Posted by SiteTrafficKing on February 6th, 2015

In just a span of two to three years that social media has been in the forefront of web marketing, we've seen businesses flock to social media sites. Many success stories testify to the value of these platforms in popularizing businesses and generating buzz that contribute to more sales and conversions. However, a lot of business owners still struggle to find success in social media marketing, mostly because many still believe that building a website is enough to make people notice. "Build it and they will come," is a tired cliché that should not be applied to social media marketing, because in the crowded online world, you will have to work just that little bit harder than your competitors to capture and keep the attention of your potential customers.

Your social media marketing campaign must be able to take your potential consumers through a funnel that turns them from a stranger into a fan, a buyer, and eventually a brand advocate. While this may seem like a straightforward approach, many business owners and web marketers still fail to achieve the ideal end because they tend to ignore crucial elements that make campaigns successful. Here are some common reasons why your social media marketing efforts are not paying off:

  • Your offers are not appealing enough – Social media users are not really on social sites to seek out businesses—they are there to socialize and interact with friends and people who share the same interests. For a business to pierce through their bubble, you have to make interesting content that will spark their attention and offers that they can't resist. Give people exactly what they want and need and you will have no problem creating brand advocates for your business.
  • Your message/presence is not consistent – Consistency is key to gaining social media fans. If you don't post regularly or do so only when you have a campaign running, you are not making the most of social media's power to reach out to potential consumers. Additionally, your supporters will start to lose interest in your business, especially with more active businesses pursuing them.
  • No follow through – Engagement is another key to social media success. If you fail to follow up with your customers and answer their concerns, it will be translated as bad customer service, which can be the start of your social media marketing doom.

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