How to Get Married in a Court Marriage Ceremony

Posted by deepika on February 19th, 2021

For centuries Court Marriage in India has been acceptable, but it is not without its problems. There are people who wed themselves for reasons that are legal, and there are those who wed themselves out of coercion. In order to understand the Court Marriage, one needs to know about the concept of arranged marriages, as well as the legal tradition that support them. The family elders will decide on a groom and a bride, and all the rest of the details will depend on this. This marriage is considered to be a union of the parents with the bride being the representative of the childbearing age.

It is considered that in order for a marriage to be performed properly, the bride and groom need to be of the same opinion regarding many things. This means that the bride's family elders do not interfere in this marriage and they do not interfere in the choices that the bride makes concerning her future husband. However, there will be various other things that the family elders will do in order to ensure that this marriage does not end in divorce. For instance, they will inform the bride and the groom that their parents will not accept any form of marriage between their son and their daughter if they do not agree to this.

After the wedding, there will be a period of 'doubt'. This is because the bride and the groom are not in harmony with each other on certain issues. If they are unable to resolve their differences, then this marriage will not last. They can be married in a traditional Hindu religious ceremony or at the residence of the family elders. They can also choose to get married in a foreign country or get engaged through the International Family Registry.

There are numerous ways in which a court marriage in India can be performed. When the groom and the bride are in good terms with each other, they can get a marriage conducted in the family house, or they can wed themselves in a hotel room. In case there are some family difficulties in this regard, the couple should give a try to solve their problems amicably. The couple may try to convince their relatives to come on the marriage date, and if this request is granted, then the couple will be able to get wed in a court of law.

Once the marriage is over, both the families will go their separate ways. There will be no further financial obligations towards either the bride or the groom, and they are both free to marry whoever they like after the marriage is over. However, in order to protect themselves from frauds and other dangers, the couple will need to take some legal precautions. They will have to register the marriage in the government offices, so as to make it official. In fact, if the marriage ends in divorce, then both the bride and the groom will have to appear in court to get the divorce finalized.

For all this, you will only need to get married in a court marriage ceremony. All formalities and legal issues will be taken care of by the court, and you will only need to sign the papers after you are satisfied with everything. It is highly recommended to use this option if you have been pressured into getting married at a certain time. If you do decide to get married in a court marriage ceremony, then your life will be much easier than what it would be without a marriage license.

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