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Posted by Johny Dean on February 8th, 2015

Having trees on your property is wonderful since these produce oxygen and purify the air. Moreover, trees provide shade during hot summer days, so they’re great additions to any garden. However, trees can sometimes develop illnesses and they can be attacked by pests; growing trees is great but it also requires adequate maintenance. Tree surgery north London services are a necessity for all who have trees planted on their property.

Because of toxicity, pests, bad weather conditions etc., trees can become ill in time, and part of the wood can die, which can pose serious threats for buildings in their vicinity and also for people. During powerful storms, dead braches can detach from the trees and can land on cars, houses and can even hurt people. This is why it’s very important to hire a tree surgeon north London to prune trees, to fell them, to reduce the crown of the trees and remove stumps. Trees which are well-maintained and pruned on a regular basis are healthier and they’re also richer. By hiring tree surgery north London services, you’ll maintain your garden in good condition at all times.

Some people believe that you don’t really need professional tree surgery north London because removing some branches is an accessible job for anyone; this could not be further from the truth. Felling trees, for instance, requires specific knowledge. When cutting down a tree, you can’t just cut it in any way you think fit; you must first determine where the weight of the tree is to cut it properly. Many people have tried to cut trees themselves and only managed to damage their homes or even hurt themselves because they didn’t know how to make the cut. Cutting down a tree requires experience and also the right equipment. A tree surgeon north London will be able to complete such a job in very short time, and with excellent results.

We’ve talked about felling as one of the main jobs of a tree surgeon north London, but tree surgery north London services refer to more than just removing dead wood from trees. Tree surgeons know everything about tree maintenance and can thus help you keep your trees healthy. Fungus and pests are a main concern with trees; if they’re not treated adequately, trees can quickly lose their vitality and their beauty. Another service tree surgeons offer is the shaping of branches and rarefying tree crowns. Well-maintained trees look better and grow taller and stronger than trees left untreated and uncared for.

Taking care of trees is not an easy job; in fact, tree surgery is quite dangerous. This is why you should always call a tree surgeon north London when you have problems with your trees. Arborists are highly experimented in tree maintenance and provide reliable services all year round.

Tree surgery north London includes a wide variety of services: felling, pruning, removing tree stumps, crown thinning, fencing etc. Hire a tree surgeon north London to take proper care of your garden!

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