4D Cinema Experience Is User-Friendly, and Intuitive

Posted by Bnext3d on February 9th, 2015

Continuing enhancements in 3D cinema technology make it possible to somewhat see the world in the film. But it doesn’t stop there. Now that 4D technology is available, you can physically experience some of the sensations that the characters feel in the movie. The 4D concept is not entirely new, but more cinemas are starting to embrace the idea—which means more fun for the end-user.

Combining 3D with 4D technology can produce great results. 3D enhances the visual experience, while 4D lets you feel as if you are actually in the same situation as the characters. Wind, lights, fog, vibration, and rain are some of the most popular physical effects that 4D can provide. So depending on the scene, your seat can shake or vibrate, air can blow against you, and water can spray on your face. 4D cinemas focuses on tactile, motion, and sensory experiences that can literally make you hold on to your seat.

By adding non-sight sensory stimulation and motion, 4D enhances the experience of watching a movie.

Common effects simulated by 4D technology include rain, strobe lights, vibration, and wind. Specially designed seats in 4D movie houses are often outfitted with air jets, leg/back ticklers, and water sprays. Some 4D cinemas go further by installing Hall effects including smoke, lightning, rain, air bubbles, and even special smells. While 4D films are sometimes marketed as 5D / 6D/ 7D to emphasize the assortment of effects, but this is misleading. The numbers are often a sum of the sensory effects used. There are no standards for the application of such labels.

Movies come to life with 4D. This technology provides a user-friendly and intuitive experience that can make viewing more enjoyable and memorable. Well designed 4D cinemas provide the physical dimension to a 3D movie. This technology can also apply to special events, malls, and theme parks.

You can find the most cutting edge 4D technologies online, making it easier to learn more about 4D and the benefits of adding the experience to your 3D cinema. There are companies that specialize in providing 3D technologies with the option to upgrade to 4D. The 3D content is customizable and available in different sizes without compromising quality. Consider 4D+ or XD cinemas, which service providers highly recommend.

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