Native Ads Shake Hands With The Mobile Rich Media-A Success Story All The Way

Posted by Aaeesha on February 9th, 2015

A mobile rich media ad would mean a customised mobile ad, the creativity and design of which is restricted only by one’s imagination. These ads give the liberty to the brand advertisers to exercise their own imagination, creativity and specifications in formatting them.

A mobile advertiser publisher benefits from the high quality of these mobile rich media ads because of the interactive nature of these ads which in turn boosts the engagement and click rates by the users. These ads give the opportunity and open up areas wherein they incorporate interactive tools such as video interaction and many other propositions that add value to the intentions and mind of the mobile user.
Rich media ads can be customised right from the ground level and can be used to embed a video, embed an audio clip, understand and interact with the user’s touch, add an event to a calendar, make a phone call to the number desired, the list is endless.

It is basically a user interface bringing the world to the fingertips of the customer, literally speaking!
Let us take the example of a restaurant that is out to get its market share of customers. To gain or attract customers it adopts these app rich ads which enable users to exercise their abilities to send an SMS or call the business directly from within the format of these ads. The result is an overwhelming engagement of not only the ad and the click rate but also the upward rise of the marketing curve.

This is in turn is the miracle of Native ads .These ads naturally bridge the gap between the brand publisher and the banner advertisements. This form of advertising is an amalgamation of all content marketing which means that it uses its advertising contents to harness the trust of potential customers and engage them in the brand’s products.

A post of Face book or a comment or tweet on Twitter is fine examples of native ads. These ads on the mobile rich media are working wonders with the advertiser and the user alike. It allows the marketer to present his ads and products in a less obtrusive manner than a banner ad. It gently but surely works on the users mind by their continuous presence on the mobile ads.

Customers are invariably and inadvertently linked to these ads thanks to the mobile media ads and thence this combination works like a hand in glove. The capacity of creative marketing in this respect is immense and the marketing campaign can be quite a killer in this case. Content creators and professionals in advertising can go to any lengths to package their ads in a manner most suited for the potential user or customer.

This hand shake is a stronghold which can catapult the future of information technology and advertising into the maddening tizzy of success.

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