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Posted by liyojosef987 on February 10th, 2015

Twitter is the most popular and influential micro-blogging system known to every person who has somehow come across the Internet or read about it. It is basically a social network platform where you can share your thoughts in one hundred and forty words or less with the people who are following you on your account. Here, you can follow other people too. Twitter is one of the most iconic ways of communication where you can get followed by an unlimited number of people and interact with them as per your interest.

On this social media platform, you can interact with people of similar interests.Twitter also creates a great opportunity for marketing for businesses.Just think about it, If you have a large number of followers, Twitter could provide one of the most effective methods of promoting your business by constantly being in the conversation. This is apart from running adverts which can also be done on twitter. But the main question remains, how to leverage Twitter to get a large number of followers. This is where the concept of re-tweeting and scheduling of tweets come in through the use of Tools For Managing Social Media.

Now whatever you post on Twitter is a tweet and comments could be made on your post as a reply, re-tweet or flagging as a favourite. Coming back to the use of twitter for marketing purpose, the more retweets or mentions or favourites you get, the more your chances of being noticed as your twitter presence increases too and ultimately increase your followership.. To make this happen, you need to post some relevant tweets which are actually useful, but that alone won't work. To get a large number of followers quickly, you need a social media software which can offer you Free Retweet Service and tweet scheduling.

Spinabell is one of such software and is available for individuals and small businesses to schedule their twitter messages. This software can Pre Schedule Tweets, and provide a centralized analytical reporting of your account. It allows you set your own keywords which can increase the possibility of re-tweets you get.

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