Famous LED Tape Light Manufacturers in China

Posted by copinlighting on February 19th, 2021

LED light tape manufacturers, also known as LED light manufacturers, are of different types. They can be small, medium, or large. They also come in different colors as well. A manufacturer who deals with only one brand is termed as a mass-light manufacturer while one dealing in different brands and colors is called as a niche manufacturer. Also known as leading light board makers, these are the ones that fabricate LED light board.

The most common LED light bulbs, sold commercially, consist of six chips made of plastic, metal alloys, tantalum etc. These have to be heat-treated to make them light. Different brands have different bulbs. Therefore, branded makers can claim to have made a brighter light than others. In addition, they can withstand greater temperature.

Branded LED tape light makers can be classified as small, medium, and large ones. A small brand can have a production capacity of up to ten units/hour; while, a large one can have capacity up to fifteen units/hour. Branded makers have a standard voltage of fifteen volts and they use sixty-five percent less energy than the branded lights sold by other manufacturers. Therefore, their overall cost is less. When it comes to energy efficiency, this brand beats all others and their prices are also quite low.

A branded LED light has all the features that are needed to be installed in the building. Therefore, it is a great idea to buy branded ones. They are more durable than others. This brand is made of high quality materials as well and hence lasts for a longer period. However, there are some drawbacks of branded ones; such as they are not very bright and they occupy less space when they are installed.

A well-known brand is Copinlighting from China. They produce LED tape lights which are considered to be the best product in the market today. They are durable and very bright. These tape lights do not create any heat and this makes them perfect for outdoor applications. LED tape light manufacturers use only the best-quality materials to manufacture these products and hence they are long lasting.

Copin LED lights do not generate any heat or glow and this makes them ideal for outdoor applications as well. It has been found that the LED light produced by these manufacturers has a lifespan of twenty years and this is more than what the other manufacturers claim. The average life of an LED light manufactured by Copinlighting is two hundred and twenty-five years. The light produced by the Copin  tape lights is sixty percent brighter when compared to other brands and hence it is their choice as well. These lights are environment friendly as well.

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