10 Summer Skin Care Tips for Healthy Skin

Posted by dermaessentia on February 19th, 2021

Summer is about to arrive, it becomes important to show some extra care to the skin during the summer.

Burns, redness, spots, and wrinkles ... are just some of the less desired results of intense days at the beach, pool, or mountains, in the summer weather. It harms the health of our skin.

Because in the summertime when you show a little more skin compare to weather is to wearing lighter and short garments, especially if we are going to be on the beach.

Don’t worry about this summer 2021 we are here to share with you 9 summer skincare tips for your healthy skin. Let’s read the article

In This Article

  • Use Sunscreen Gel SPF 50
  • Cleaning the face
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Hours to sunbathe
  • Hydrate yourself
  • Protection accessories
  • Vitamin C Serum and Hyaluronic Acid
  • Healthy habits: diet and sleep
  • Don't forget the eyes and lips
  • Take care of your skin

Sunscreen Gel SPF 50

It is recommended to wear Sunscreen Gel SPF 50 daily and all year round, not only in summer. Use it as protection in all areas that you will expose to the sun. 

Apply your preferred product between 20 and 30 minutes before exposure and repeat every 2 hours, or after getting out of the water. 

The higher the protection factor, the better for your skin type, you may not notice it now but believe me, take care of your skin today, it will work for tomorrow.

Cleaning the face

For greater care, clean your face twice a day without fail, because in summer the perspiration is much greater and the pores are more easily clogged, a simple cleaning routine is enough to keep our skin healthy and without rashes.

You can apply the Best Face Wash For Oily Skin to wash your face and get clean, refreshing your skin.

Appropriate clothing

Wear light and light clothing that covers most of the body, thus avoiding direct sunlight. Not in the water, but when you go out, remember to cover yourself or, as I mentioned earlier, put on sunscreen gel again, remember the sun is exquisite but very dangerous to sum it up.

Hours to sunbathe

It is important to maximize protection from 12 noon to 3 in the afternoon since it is known that at this time the rays are stronger and more damaging. 

If you can avoid exposure, so much the better, but if not, always remember your sun, protect your skin, hat, and sunglasses, etc... It never hurts to be cautious.

Hydrate yourself

Dehydration is very common in summer; drinking water will allow you to maintain the hydration that your skin needs to look smooth and beautiful.

To keep you cool on the outside it would be ideal to use a refreshing lotion such as a spray that you can carry during the day and of course DRINK WATER, not drinks and much less alcohol since this makes it BAD for the skin.

Protection accessories

Do not forget to compliment your Gel Sunscreen SPF 50, either with lipsticks with SPF 50 protection, sunglasses, hats, sarongs, etc ... So you take advantage of looking super "cute" and taking care of yourself at the same time dear.

Vitamin C Serum and Hyaluronic Acid

A combination of Vitamin C Serum and Hyaluronic Acid is a magical combination that helps to protect from the sun's harmful rays. Not just only that it helps to increases collagen production.

It helps to cure skin that had been damaged in past by sun rays. Dermatologists recommend applying it topically with two to three drops of it.

Get to know more about Vitamin C Serum

Healthy habits: diet and sleep

It is important to take balance and healthy diet to maintain our healthy living. Food also has a direct effect on the appearance of our skin. The best thing to do during these hottest days is to increase the consumption of products rich in antioxidant vitamins such as A, C, and E that we can find in oils, nuts, fish, or vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus, tomato, or carrot.

And that fights cell degeneration and prevents skin aging. In this sense, we cannot forget one of the summer staples with multiple benefits not only for our diet but also for hydration and care of our skin: gazpacho. 

The vegetables in this recipe provide us with antioxidants and stimulate tanning and, besides, the olive oil incorporates the necessary fats that help us hydrate the skin.

Like food, a good sleep routine is another of the key factors that affect our skin. To keep the skin in good condition, it is very important to take care of the rest time, since it is during the hours of sleep that the cells are produced and regain their strength.

Don't forget the eyes and lips

As I have already mentioned that sun rays are harshest between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. in summer. Avoid going out at these times. If you go out, make sure your eyes are covered with sunglasses and your lips are protected with a balm.

Most of the time we forget that the skin around the eyes is very delicate. If too much heat makes your eyes burn, wash them with clean, cool water. A couple of cold cotton pads dipped in potato juice can also be soothing. If the problem persists, see a doctor.

Take care of your skin

If you notice some changes in your skin color or texture. You don’t need to get worried, just start taking care of your skin as mentioned above in this article.


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