The Top Aspects You Need to Think about when Planning a Funeral

Posted by Anna Johnson on February 19th, 2021

When someone we love dies, the loss can be so great and tragic, and we will need the proper time to come to terms with it and to heal. But when you are dealing with a funeral on top of having to deal with your loss and heartache, it can be a difficult matter indeed. Planning a funeral for your loved one is necessary, however, and if you need help, don't be afraid to ask for it. You can depend on the services of a funeral director, for instance, who can be on-hand to assist you with all the details and paperwork required for the funeral. But you also need to think about some essential aspects when planning a funeral; you want to make sure that your loved one's funeral is something that is a fitting celebration of love. Here, then, are the top aspects you need to think about when planning a funeral.

  1. The music

While you can choose to have a religious service or a non-denominational service which can easily be arranged by your funeral director (like an experienced and trustworthy funeral director from, you may want to think carefully about the music for the service as well. Music can set the tone and mood, whether you want a happy celebration of life or give people a chance to grieve and mourn, but your loved one may have loved some particular songs which you would like to play at their funeral as well. Your choices can certainly vary, and you can opt for religious music with an organist or even more contemporary music such as rock or the top hits of the day.

The good news is that your chosen funeral director can easily assist you with this and arrange for a choir, organist, band, or even recorded music for the playlist. You may want musicians to perform at the funeral or arrange for the services of a bagpipe-player, a harpist, or a singer. If the funeral is held at a place of worship, you may have some restrictions on the kind of music you can play, although this will greatly depend on how strict the church or place of worship can be.

  1. The poems and readings

Poems and readings have also become a standard at most funerals, although they are often short and last for only a few minutes. They can be themed around the topic of life, of loss, and death, or you can choose your readings based on a special memory or thought that reminds you of your loved one. With poems and readings, family members and friends who would like to participate in the service can do so, and this helps them with their loss as well.

A funeral will also have eulogies, either given by one person or a few people. The eulogy's style and tone can depend on your deceased loved one's personality and their beliefs, but it is always best if the eulogy is given by someone who knew your loved one very well. Don't be hesitant to discuss this with your funeral director, and if you have special requests, they can likely accommodate this as long as it is appropriate for the venue and doesn't violate any regulations.

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