What Is a Deed of Separation in Singapore and How Does It Work

Posted by vendelajar on February 10th, 2015

In Singapore, the Deed of Separation is a special legal document that is used by married couples who wish to live separately from each other. However, it is not a divorce as technically they remain legally married, but do attain separate living environments. This type of Deed of Separation in Singapore is used by someone who wishes to be separated from his or her spouse for a period of time, possibly before considering divorce.

Deed of Separation in Singapore


A Deed of Separation contains the terms and conditions agreed on by the couple. These terms govern the relationship of both partners from the point they come into play and continue to do so till the duration in which the deed stands valid. Terms related to the custody of children, use or division of property and financial settlements can be included in the deed, along with matters related to other kinds of rights. If the couple is planning to get a divorce once the Deed of Separation ends, they can put in the terms of the divorce in the deed as well.

Duration of the Deed


A Deed stands valid for the entire duration for which it has been drafted but can be revoked if both the partners agree to it. The Deed does not have to be submitted to any government authority and can be treated as a private document.

Moreover, a partner can move to court to set aside the terms of the Deed of Separation. This can be done at a family court, but only if the court itself has not sanctioned the court itself.

The Deed of Separation can also help in saving marriages that are on the verge of breaking down. By using it, partners can live separately and get some time to calm the tension that exists between them. They can also work on reconciliation in due time.

Consulting a Lawyer


A lawyer should always be consulted before drafting a deed of separation. Both partners are free to bring their own lawyers to negotiate the terms of the deed, while it is also advisable that the deed is signed in front of a lawyer. There are a number of law firms who can assist in getting a deed of separation drafted in Singapore.

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