Graviola Fruit ? for a Healthier Lifestyle

Posted by kamal on February 10th, 2015

The Graviola Fruit or guanabana comes from the Annona muricata, a flowering evergreen tree that is native to several South American countries including Brazil and Colombia, and it’s also found throughout Central America and parts of Africa too. For centuries, it was used by ancient civilizations as an anti-inflammatory and to improve digestion.

Numerous Benefits

One of the reasons why people like to buy guanabana is it has several nutritional benefits and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Unlike other fruit drinks, the fruit is potent and contains plenty of vitamin C and B plus other essential minerals your body needs. In addition, the drink gives you enough energy to last the day and remain alert.

Apart from keeping you on the go, the fruit’s digestion enhancing properties make you lees vulnerable to diarrhea, and it also fortifies your immune system so you’re less susceptible to parasites and other harmful bacteria. What makes the fruit especially ideal for promoting a healthy lifestyle is the fact that its helpful properties are distributed widely through its various parts.

Apart from the fruit itself, the seeds serve as a means to counteract the effects of lice, while the bark and roots can be mixed and turned into an herbal tea. It’s also worth pointing out that the vitamins found in the fruit improve blood circulation, which is one of the keys to regulating blood pressure.

Fruit in a Jar

The health benefits of the guanabana fruit have now been medically proven, and now you can have it in a convenient jar, anywhere anytime you want. Whereas before the fruit was difficult to obtain, that’s no longer the case as it’s widely available. With GFruit you now have access to all the fruit’s nutritious elements.

To ensure all the nutrients are preserved, a specially designed process is used for its production. Only cultivated orchards are used, and once the fruit has been picked the skin and nonedible parts are carefully removed. This is followed by pasteurization, and this is central to the process because not only does it keep the nutrients intact, but bacteria are kept at bay as well.

As pointed out earlier, even the seeds have beneficial properties so during the process the seeds are kept intact. In fact this is one of the ways you can determine if the product is genuine or not, because unless the seeds are kept intact the fruit’s integrity will be impossible to maintain.

Apart from the rigid process and quality control, GFruit gives you almost 2 lbs. of the fruit in each jar. Furthermore, the process of extracting the juice doesn’t require the addition of sugar, is gluten free and non-GMO. Finally, no artificial colors are put in the ingredients. 

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