Understanding Divorce Law in Singapore to Find If One Qualifies To File for Divo

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Married couples can use the provisions of the divorce law in Singapore to get legal separation and for ending their marriages. There are certain provisions as defined by the divorce law which specify the cases in which a couple can be granted divorce. These provisions, or requirements, have to be met by the applicant couple before a court agrees to end their marriage.

When Does One Qualify To File For Divorce by Law in Singapore


A couple has to be married for a minimum period of 3 years before they can apply for a divorce. Further, the couple, or at least one partner must prove to the court that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. But under divorce law, a person can also get the permission to file for divorce earlier than the 3 year period if he or she can prove extreme hardship, unreasonable behavior of the partner and cruelty.

The divorce law in Singapore also requires that the couple must have been residents of Singapore for a period of 3 years just before applying for divorce. Even if either partner has resided in Singapore, the divorce application can be admitted.

There are scenarios which a court will consider before deciding if a marriage has in fact broken down irretrievably. These are:



A person can seek divorce from his or her spouse if he or she can prove adultery committed by the spouse. Additionally, there is also a maximum period, beginning from the time of discovery of the adultery by the person, after which this condition becomes unacceptable in court. This period does not depend on the time when the adultery was committed but the time when it was discovered by the person who is applying for divorce.

Unreasonable Behavior


If a person can prove that his or her spouse has behaved in an unreasonable manner, making it difficult to continue living in a marriage, then the court can agree to grant divorce.



If a person has been living separately from his or her spouse for a continuous period of 3 years, then an application for divorce can be filed with the consent of the spouse. However, if the period of separation exceeds 4 years, then there is no need to get consent from the spouse.



If a person has been deserted by his or her partner for a continuous period of 2 years, then a court can admit the application for divorce. The condition here is that the deserting spouse must have left with the intention of never returning back.

Divorce Law in Singapore


A lawyer specializing in family law or divorce can be consulted before applying for divorce under Singapore law.

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