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Introduction Windows is a Graphical User Interface based Operating System, developed and promoted by Microsoft. Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on 4 April 1975. In the first days Microsoft created an operating System, that was very similar to UNIX. However, it had been MS-DOS that made Microsoft, the way we understand it today. In buy windows 10 , Microsoft Windows was basically MS-DOS with graphical user interface, however over the years Windows has increased over MS-DOS and now Windows a very intricate system. Its main contest was with Mac OS, the Apple's operating system utilized in its Macintosh series. But unlike Apples Mac OS, that was limited to Apple's very own Hardware, Windows has been an operating System that could be installed on all sorts of hardware. Today Microsoft's Windows Operating System has over 85 percent Market-share in computer operating systems. But, Microsoft Windows is still no rivalry to Android and Apple iOS, at the newly emerged Smartphone and Tablet market. Windows 8 was Microsoft's effort to take on Android and iOS but had been rather met with disappointment and failed to make any major effect. Although an upgrade to Windows 8, the Windows 8.1 was launched, but it was also the same OS with some changes. Intro to Windows 10 Microsoft first launched Windows 10 at the Built Conference in April 2014. It was previously speculated that Microsoft will mention the next generation Windows as Windows 9 or Windows One, that might have been in synchronization with other Microsoft products like the XBOX One, OneDrive, OneBox etc but Microsoft chose to drop and instead go for 10 instead. Windows 10 has very large level of expectations from Microsoft in addition to from the market, within the years Windows has became the first preference of individuals, when it comes in choosing their Operating Systems. Microsoft’s past merchandise, Windows 8, didn't fared very well in the market and even the consumers very not too much satisfied with Windows 8. Thus, with Windows 10 Microsoft not merely wants to overcome the criticism of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, but also wishes to make its presence felt in the Smartphone and Tablet market, which is presently dominated by Android and iOS. Criticism of Windows 8 Microsoft launched the Windows 8 1 August 2012, in the time when PC sales were going down and were focused on Smart-phones and Tablets, and Microsoft was in the scene. Therefore, while creating Windows 8, Microsoft was inclined towards developing a bit friendly OS, in order to compete with Android and iOS. For this Microsoft took some risks and restored Windows entirely, to be more touch friendly but desktop user did not enjoyed these modifications. Microsoft did update the Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 to match with what people wanted, but was rather ineffective in its attempt. What's New With Windows 10 Together with Windows 10, Microsoft has made a great deal of modifications in the OS, but has also retained the attributes which were liked by its consumers. Just like Microsoft decided to restore the Start Menu that users missed in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Although, it looks more like a combination of Start screen and Start Menu, rather than the older Start Menu. With Windows 10, Microsoft has also decided to create Windows a much more developer friendly OS. Windows 10 has been created in such a manner that programmers could design one application and the exact same program would work on all devices irrespective of their display size, be it smartphone or computer or tablet. Microsoft has also upgrades security features to make Windows a more secure and reliable OS. Windows has also made Cortona (Windows Virtual Voice Assistance) common among most kind of devices. Microsoft has also added a lot of features like including multiple home-screens and task perspective and virtual desktop.

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