Ideal time to send wedding invitations

Posted by yasas on August 15th, 2010

After you have done all the shopping  and chosen the exact wedding invitation that matches for your wedding day.There are more things to be done to share your big day with your family and friends. Sending out the invitations on time is one of the most important thing also.Do this first you need to set a      date and find the location to be mention in your wedding invitation.Remember wedding invitation are thing that must be addressed early in this process. So let?s see what is the exactly exact time to send your wedding invitation.And how can it be done in right way.

A Destination Wedding

If you are going to have destination wedding and you are hoping as many as possible people to attend your wedding, you might be need to send save the date cards at least  three or four months before you send your wedding invitation. save the date cards are mostly use to let your friends and family members know  the date of your wedding before the exact location and time of  the ceremony is known.So then can enough time to arrange their travel plans.Though the save-the-date cards are sent you still have to send your official wedding invitation.You can send them four or six weeks before the wedding even is a destination wedding because you have sent a save the date card in early.If you want to avoid the expenses for save the date cards you can informally announce to your guests that you want them to be there on that day.So they can make their arrangements to join you on that day when you tell them about the time and place in your invitation.

A Conventional Wedding


In these kind of weddings the bride sends the invitation to the guests at least six or eight months before the wedding day.This helps to guest to respond early and bride and her helpers to knew the number attends and allow them to make all the arrangements for the reception.If you are going to invite to friends who live abroad, it is better to send their invitations at least ten weeks before the wedding day.To the people who lives out of the state should be receive their invitation at least week before the others.This will help your friends and family members not mess up their working schedules and your reception plans.And remember to call and ask every one of them whether they are received or not your invitation.It will help to avoid many difficulties that can be occurred during the event.


The most important thing when you send invitations is that every recipient should have time to receive the invitation and reply you in advance.It is better if you could request them to send their reply cards little early before the wedding day.Because you will need to get a total number to the caterer and the reception hall.Finally, ideal time to send your wedding invitations is eight weeks before the wedding at least it would be six week.

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