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Posted by ricky26 on February 12th, 2015

For any kind of establishment, security is becoming one of the major aspects. With the increasing crime wave in Cyprus, the security of establishment should be looked upon as one of the most important issues to take in consideration by everyone. Criminals nowadays have become smart, robbers and intruders are using the advanced technology to rob homes and financial establishment, hence it is important that you too get up gradation in your security. Hence if you have made up your mind to secure your loved ones from any kind of unfortunate intrusion, then it is recommended that you look out for an advanced system of Home Alarm Cyprus.

Technology has come very far it has provided us with the most advanced tools of security. So now door lock is not the only thing between you and the potential danger. Now for your home or the financial establishment alarm system you can easily install the Wireless Alarm Cyprus in which you can install a two-way wireless PIR camera. It uses three basic technologies that are CMOS imaging technology, PIR motion detection, and two-way wireless communication. In case of any kind of suspicious intrusion it gets activated automatically and captures a series of images during and after the alarm. You can also get the real time video verification in which you can trigger the video transmission on demand through web interface or the ELAS smartphone application. It is going to activate the PIR camera and generate the real time snapshots of the establishment. Hence, you can verify the intrusion, look upon your child and can check the premise if it is carefully closed or not.

Besides that there are various other options of securing the establishment effectively. You can use the excellent intercom system in which you can effectively verify the person’s identity through the audio and video verification. In offices you can use the proximity access system to limit the entry to certain areas of the premise. Online you can easily find such security solutions providing company which can provide you the Cheap Alarm Cyprus. There is one company you can come across named Armit Security which can offer you the customized solution in installing the alarm system according to your requirement and budget. They can provide you the best and simple to use alarm system in which you don't have to go over the manual for hours to understand the system. They can provide you the technologically up-to-date security solutions for your establishment.

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