Acquiring Spiritual Directions: Preparing for Spiritual Retreats

Posted by dawson12 on February 12th, 2015

A spiritual retreat is the best tool to unwind yourself and petition to God on your struggles. But, to maximize its effect, you need to work a bit. You may be of the view that preparation is not required. Changes can be welcomed as the way they come. This is true to a great extent. However, preparing yourself will make sure that you won’t have any difficulty obeying the guidelines in the facility of your choice. Keeping the following pointers will go a long way in assisting you in this regard.

Prepare well and get spiritual directions

Most of the people feel excited after attending the retreat. But, the effect wears off within no time. A self-analysis will inform you; this happens due to lack of preparation. Retreats generally last just a few days. By the time you get adjusted to the routines in the center, your stay comes to an end. Remember the following tips; the good things you acquire from a retreat will stay with you for a lifetime.

  1. 1.       Know what a retreat is

Dictionary defines retreat as withdrawal. When you come to a center built for the purpose, you decide to get away from everything in life; your distractions, struggles and comforts. You even decide not to talk of anything other than your activities in the facility of your choice. Success here requires you to work hard beforehand. Cultivate a habit of setting aside some time alone, in the presence of the creator.

  1. 2.       Try to discipline yourself

Understand that no change is going to happen to you if you are not fit for it. Most of the retreat centers require you to stay disciplined and upright in your actions. Start the transformation in your daily life. Address the issues in your character; wherever it may be. If the job you are doing is against the law of the land, you will have to handle the issue before going for a spiritual retreat. Failure here will mean one thing; you are not going to achieve anything even with a renowned spiritual director.

  1. 3.       Read about the theme

Every retreat will have a theme. Research on it and read as much as possible. This will prepare you for the kind of routine you will need to follow in the center. If possible, try to act upon the information you receive.

  1. 4.       Pray for success

Don’t expect your director to do everything for you. Ask God for assistance and make sure that the things you do in the center will stay with you for long. You should also pray for your teacher so that he/she may be able to understand what you need and guide you accordingly.

Try to arrange things in such a way as to facilitate the change. When going for a weekend retreat, make sure that nothing remains incomplete.

Going for a retreat is the best way to get the spiritual directions you need. But, be prepared to act upon the advice you receive.

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