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Posted by rajat on February 20th, 2021

Leadership learning is structured to render leaders capable of working and handling and controlling staff efficiently. It helps to assemble abstract concepts into a tapestry of words and pictures and to synthesize them. It would also help to strengthen the process of critical vision and potentially help to evaluate the experience, consider the current and explore strategies for creating a strong vision for the future.

The Challenge of Management of Change and Uncertainty:In a certain, consistent and secure climate, human beings by their essence perform well. Paradoxically, there is nothing but a secure world in which corporations work. Shift is the law. This variability was current, but recently took on a tumultuous profile. Shortly after the timetable shifts the premise for preparation and projection. Stakeholder needs and aspirations – democracy, culture, workers, the economy and so on – are far more uncertain than ever. Therefore, a big obstacle that corporate leadership confronts is the capacity to retain attention in the middle of turmoil.

The Challenge of Innovation:Innovation has been a significant strategic law in different sectors owing to the two trends of globalization and innovation of information technology. Leadership has the onerous job of designing and developing innovative goods to thrive and not least expand. This is a necessity for companies who seek market leadership. In the face of rising consumer demands and high-tech culture, all but innovative technologies and methods of distribution would not be enough. This challenge calls for an immense amount of support for research and development work.

The Challenge of Building Capacity for Growth:Increased skills in different areas are needed to meet expansion. Various skills and experience are needed as small and large companies expand. There is a huge rise in capital requirements. Ask banks' management in Nigeria how to shift from N2b to N25 and you will notice that it isn't fun. At certain degree, a certain level of accounting, auditing, preparation, and recruiting were required for consultants. They are all a challenge for leadership in one way or the other.

The Challenge of Meeting the Demand of the various stakeholders:Their actions can start to influence the larger range of individuals as organizations expand. Growing groups, rather than smaller ones, draw the interest of government and societies. Various people and associations who fund the organization are more involved than usual in the wellbeing of the organization. All in the company claims in one direction or another. Governments demand more tax profits, the government wants more corporate accountability from the company, and still employees and shareholders call for compensation and dividends rise. This competing expectations by the different stakeholders become a big obstacle to those organizations’ leadership.

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