Fut 15 Coins Celebrations To Know

Posted by coininfifaco on February 13th, 2015

Good news that EA is going to surprise Fut 15 Coins players with their TOTY players on loan for 50 games deals. Log in your twitter and retweet EA’s tweet to win the on loan players. Since the FIFA 15 January transfer is over and you must have got some new cards. With these awesome players, your winning percentage in FIFA 15 increases.

In that case, you need to celebrate your victory. Do you know how to celebrate in game? Let me tell you how to celebrate in FIFA 15 when you win.

Muscle Flex. The celebration Mario Balotelli made famous during the Euro 2012 semi-final against Germany. Many different memes were made in it’s honor and now it has made it to FIFA’s game. You need to pass level 16 to get it. Hold R1 and flick R3 up and down to use it.

Stand up tall. It is a sight Manchester City fans won’t be too fond of given the fact Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney used this pose after scoring that overhead kick back in 2011. Once you’ve passed level 26 and bought it. Hold RB down and hold RS to the left.

Kiss the wrist. This is a sight that will upset Liverpool fans. Luis Suarez kisses a couple of tattoos he has on his wrist every time he scores. After level 27, you can get this one. Hold R2 and double tap circle.

Flag kick. A celebration for the passive aggressive gamer out there. Run to the corner and flatten the corner flag with a scissor kick of sorts. After level 28 has been negotiated, hold L1 and double tap square.

Calm down. One for all the scousers out there. This celebration is available after level 31 has been passed. Once bought, hold LB and double tap Y.

The Worm. The move former WWE superstar Scotty 2 Hotty made famous world wide in the early naughties. You need to pass level 37 to be able to unlock it. Hold R1 and swizzle R3 round clockwise.

One arm push ups. Tire your scorer out even more by making him do one armed push ups, albeit not very convincing ones. You need to pass level 41 for this to become available. Hold R1 and flick R2 right the left.

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