Qualities and Uses of Grey Cast-iron

Posted by johnnlee on February 13th, 2015

Mainly a composition of iron, carbon, and silicon, cast iron is one of the oldest metals that has been used in construction industries. You may have used cast iron in metal in many applications, but have you ever wondered how it is produced? Well, you are not alone. Not all users of grey iron casting know where it comes from. However, it is important to learn about a few characteristics of this important metal.
To begin with, cast iron contains mainly iron, carbon, and silicon, but it also has sulphur, manganese, and phosphorus in smaller quantities. It is a product of molten iron ore, which is produced by cast iron manufacturers gray metal, and used for various applications. When you need cast iron metal for any application, ensure that it is from a certified grey iron casting manufacturing company.
As the human population continues to increase, the need for structures continues to grow in the same proportion, which has led to many companies coming up to produce iron. However, with many industries in place, it is possible to find some producers of fake cast iron. That is why it is important to know the qualities and characteristics of genuine cast iron metal so you can differentiate the genuine products from copies.
Some of the qualities of cast iron metal are listed here:

•   It is hard: this means it is not easily breakable, which is why it is used in heavy-duty applications such as stairs, fences, and door latches and hinges.
•   It is brittle: under given conditions, cast iron metal can break, even though it is hard.
•   It is non-malleable: this means the metal cannot be hammered into shape once it has taken its shape from the molten ore.
The common type of cast iron is grey cast iron, which easily cast, but cannot be forged or worked on mechanically whether it is hot or cold. Companies specialized in the production of cast iron need to use genuine materials in the production of iron ore so the ultimate products can be that of good quality.

In addition to using the right production materials, the machinery for production should be of top-notch standard. The industry keeps changing as new methods of producing iron ore are discovered. To keep up with the latest trends in the industry, companies need to prepare their staff according by further training and attending relevant seminars to produce cast iron in line with the latest revelations in the industry.

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