Understanding Space Maintainer Oral Appliances

Posted by adortalukdar on February 14th, 2015

Space maintainer oral appliances are very useful in preventing tooth problem in children. Normally, a baby's tooth is lost at a certain age to give place to the permanent tooth. However, some kids may not actually be ready for the emergence of the permanent tooth; especially if the milk tooth was not lost due to natural occurrence, but due to tooth decay. With the aid of the Space maintainer oral appliances, the milk tooth can be kept in place till the permanent tooth is matured enough to take its place.  This had been used in several occasions and it had worked well each time.

If the Space maintainer oral appliances are not used, the other teeth around the area where the milk tooth is lost can grow bigger and occupy the space meant for the new permanent tooth. This is possible especially if the permanent tooth is not ready to emerge by the time the milk tooth is lost. If the other teeth are allowed to drift into the space meant for the emerging permanent teeth, the permanent teeth may be prevented from growing or it may have abnormal growth pattern. The Space maintainer oral appliances will help to prevent this. Such abnormal tooth growth can lead to speech and chewing problem for the child.  All these can be prevented with the aid of the space maintainer. The space maintainer can also be used to guard the space left after the tooth is lost.

The Space maintainer oral appliances are made using several materials. Some can be made of plastic and there are some made of steel. At times, the Space maintainer oral appliances can be glued permanently to the existing tooth. There are also some other times the dentist only place removable space maintainer.  The one used is largely dependent on the age of the child.  The replaceable one acts as a fake tooth. It is perfectly used for aesthetic purpose too. Since this method had been in use, it had recorded complete success. It is very simple to carry out. In actual fact, it does not require more than 2 steps.  The maintainer is usually created using a mold of the tooth to be replaced.  The mold is then cemented to the space left by the missing tooth.  The child will have to stay clear of gum and sticky foods for the period the space maintainer is in place. The child should be monitored so that it does not play with the space maintainer using the fingers or the tongue.

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