Mobile Advertising in Today?s World

Posted by Aaeesha on February 16th, 2015

above every other mode of awareness and communication, they are always biting into each other’s technology to become a cut above the rest. Even in the advertising world, online advertising and mobile advertising have been soaring into the highest heights of popularity since years.

To gain a strong foothold in the mobile space, most services have their own apps made available in most of the smart phones. Be it Tata Sky or NDTV, or Britain’s got talent and similar TV shows, or Snapdeal Myntra or similar Shopping apps, almost every service can be accessed through most of the mobile phones. There are even special offers and tempting discounts for purchases made through the apps and not through the stores available online. Mobile advertising is not just used for shopping and promotion of products and news, etc., but also for voting for different reality shows and other Television programs. And it has become too indispensable even if some percentage of the people believe it is too irritating to receive promotional messages and calls in their mobile devices all round the clock.

Promotional activities through cell phone usage have increased more than anything else. However, with the increase in promotional activities for every product and services, comes the need to stand out in the crowd. Text and static pictures besides being quite undersized are also boring. If anyone was given an option to choose from the multiple promotional messages he received in a day, he would refuse all. As a matter of fact, users mostly want something much more dynamic, anything that would appear as more alive. However, ‘rich media’, which refers to usage of multimedia beyond simple graphics, was not usable due to low bandwidth of connections used in most mobile devices. Faster data transmission, however is pretty much practicable in the current world and hence mobile rich media is better accessible too.

Sounds, video clips, animations, and other interactive embedded objects, including high-quality static images, have now become a part of the mobile communication and data transmission happening regularly, every day, every hour, and every moment, thanks to the improving 3G and 4G connections available at ease.

Regular alerting has become easier with mobile rich media commencing in the market. However, it is difficult if around thirty percent of the population do not own a smart phone or around forty percent of the area do not have a speedy internet connection which would allow faster data transmission. Increasing awareness and facilities is required to utilize the advantages of the mobile communicative world better.

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