What You Ought to Know About Mobile App Monetization?

Posted by Aaeesha on February 16th, 2015

Smartphones have completely taken over the market. The sale of these handheld devices has even overtaken the sales of laptops and computers. The ease of use and portability are major factors. Moreover, they are available at really cheap prices these days, making them affordable for all people. Smartphones may run on any of the popular operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, or Blackberry. Each platform has got its own features and services. It is the Apps that run on a device that makes the device so popular all over. A large number of companies have their own Apps available in the store. Putting up Apps is a task in itself. But, in order to get enough returns on the investment you made, you need to do some effective mobile App monetization.

Mobile App monetization is the technique by which you can generate revenue from your Apps. There are several techniques used for this. A very common one used is in-App advertising. In most free Apps, ads and banners are used. There are a number of companies that offer such services. You get paid each time a user views the ad or clicks on it. The ads can be banners or even video ads. They come up while using the App, in between the screens, or as banners on the top or bottom portion. Another effective technique is Freemium Apps. These are free Apps that have certain features that need to be purchased to use. But, such things have limitations.

Using ads is a most common form of Android App monetization. Making your Apps paid reduces its chances of being downloaded. This is because most people hesitate to pay to use some App. Moreover, since there are a thousand Apps of the same kind in the store, they may go for other free ones. Making free Apps is actually the way to increase downloads. But, generating revenue is also very important; otherwise there will be no use for your App.

Developing an App is a costly affair. If you do not get enough ROI, or Return on Investment, it becomes totally useless. So, it is important that you start planning your monetization strategies even before the App goes on to the development stage. Right at the conception stage of the App idea, you need to lay out a definite plan for the monetization process. This is a major mistake most companies make. Waiting till the end makes matters all the more complicated. Be very clear about your Android App monetization strategies in order to make the best out of your Apps. There are a number of companies that can help you in this matter. Contact the best consultant and chalk out your plans together.

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