Tooth Cavity-Prevention Is The Best Cure!

Posted by ridgetopdental on February 16th, 2015

We all want our teeth to be healthy forever, but due to unhealthy eating habits and other factors our teeth may suffer cavities. Tooth cavity is a silent killer that affects not just our teeth but may cause other health concerns as well. The dentists at Ridgetop Dental International-the best dental clinic in Bangalore frequently get questions about cavity causes and prevention. Here is an informative article that explains the causes of cavity and the best ways to get rid of them.

What are dental cavities?

Dental cavities are permanently damaged areas that often develop into holes in the enamel, or hard outer surface, of your teeth. Cavities are also known as tooth decay or caries.

What are the causes of dental cavities?

Bacteria are normally found in your mouth. These bacteria change foods; especially sugar and starch into acids. Bacteria, acid, food pieces, and saliva combine in the mouth to form a sticky substance called plaque. Plaque sticks to the teeth. The acids in plaque damage the enamel covering your teeth, and create holes in the tooth (cavities). Cavities usually do not hurt, unless they grow very large and affect nerves or cause a tooth fracture. 

What are some of the ways to treat dental cavities?

Dental fillings

If you have decay in your teeth, the expert dentists at dental clinic in Koramangala will remove the decay and put in a tooth filling. You have a choice of silver amalgam or non-metal (plastic composite) dental fillings. The substance that fills in the tooth prevents bacteria from entering the tooth. A tooth that becomes infected will gradually wear away and fall out. However, a filling will prevent the bacteria from infecting the inside.

Severe cavity is treated with root canal treatment

In some cases, the pulp of the tooth becomes infected as a result of the cavity. This can create severe pain and the dentist will need to remove the infected pulp through a process called a root canal. The remainder of the pulp can then heal after the tooth has been thoroughly cleaned and sealed. The tooth is usually sealed with a crown. 

Dental cavities-Prevention is the best cure

Routine dental care is important. While good oral hygiene, a healthy diet, and regular cleanings will deter the formation of cavities, they do not constitute a foolproof practice. A cavity can occur at any time, no matter what your age. Bacteria causes tooth decay, and no amount of brushing, flossing, and rinsing will completely eradicate all the bacteria from your mouth, so visit your trusted dentist regularly to detect a cavity in its initial stages only.

Dental cavity is a problem that should not be ignored at any cost. More expansive and painful treatment procedures have to be used if a dental cavity becomes too severe. So, visit a reputed dental clinic like Ridgetop Dental International dental clinic in HSR layout to detect dental problems in early stages and find an effective solution to curb the problem in its early stages.

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