How to find a DUI attorney

Posted by alisonreid29 on February 16th, 2015

Being charged with a crime like driving under the influence can be very stressful, confusing, and embarrassing. You do not have to go through this process alone; an experienced DUI attorney can be by your side. In general, those who find themselves facing a crime like this can easily get confused and overwhelmed without a good attorney that could help the process be somewhat painless, and often save their driver’s license.

Finding a suitable Honolulu criminal attorney is a crucial step to making your life easier. Experienced attorneys know the law well and can often help you avoid cell time and often avoid having your license revoked.  Making uniformed decisions on your own is unadvised, especially under stressful situations like a DUI arrest.

Driving under the influence is a very common crime, so if you have been charged with it, you can ask the advice from your friends or family who might have also been charged with the same crime. They could recommend you a reliable DUI attorney that can provide personalized service to match your exact case and help you go through the legal process knowing that you have an experienced lawyer by your side.

Sometimes we may be too embarrassed to ask family or friends so the next best thing is to search online. Just like your friends or family could recommend you a lawyer, search engines will give you way more options. A law firm can have numerous attorneys and you can be that all lawyers and firms are not created equal. Our recommendation in this case is to search for an individual lawyer by name, not a law firm as a whole.

By contacting a law company, you agree to receive the services of a lawyer hired by that company. That lawyer can be indeed very experienced, situation that is highly desirable. But what if the lawyer is just a rookie and your case definitely needs an experienced attorney? Would it not be better to contact an attorney that is specialized in cases like yours?

Searching for a good Honolulu criminal attorney is the first thing you should do after coming into contact with the police. Waiting for a court-appointed lawyer to represent you might not be the best solution. Just like in the previous case, a lawyer hired by a law firm can prove to be extremely experienced and reliable, so in this case, a court-appointed lawyer can be very dependable.

But why not get involved more and search for a lawyer yourself? Research the lawyer and not just the firm. Find lawyers on your own, contact and explain the situation exactly as it happened, and see what they say.  If they aren’t quick to respond or you don’t feel comfortable with them, keep searching.

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