Why Zinc Alloy Die Casting Becomes the Prime Choice for Manufacturers?

Posted by sunainaram on February 17th, 2015

The use of metals in industries has been vast and almost every manufacturing industry uses different kinds of metals. There are a number of processes by which metals are processed into different forms. Die casting is one of the popular manufacturing processes. It is preferred above all other kinds of processes due to the quality of the finished goods and also the ease of manufacture. Zinc alloy die casting is preferred by most of the manufacturing industries.

Zinc is a widely used and easily available metal. Zinc die casting applications are widespread and are all around us everywhere. Zinc alloy die casting is used for numerous decoration and functional applications.

Key Advantages of Zinc alloy die casting:

There are many benefits of using Zinc alloy over others.

•Thinner wall sections can be achieved compared to other metals due to high casting fluidity.
•High production rates can be achieved.
•The number of secondary machining operations is very little or none at all.
•The surfaces of the finished products can be made really smooth.
•It is very easy to cast in inserts like threaded inserts, heating elements, and high strength bearing surfaces.
•It is possible to cast low fluidity metals.
•Very high dimensional accuracy can be obtained.
•The casts are able to achieve high tensile strengths as well.

This process requires a good amount of capital investment. This is known to be the only disadvantage of the process.

Zinc alloys are commonly used by a die casting manufacturer since they have the following properties to make them ideal for the process:

•They are very strong
•They are stable
•They have high dimensional accuracy
•The raw material is affordable and low in cost
•They are very high
•They have high thermal conductivity
•High quality finishing characteristics are available.
•Highly resistant to corrosion.
•You can achieve full recyclability.
•The ability to cold form makes joining easier.
•They have high thin wall capability

Zinc alloys are far better to use than any other machined, pressed, stamped, and fabricated items. They are well known for their hardness and strength. These castings are safe, convenient to manufacture and use, secure, and can even act as part of a decoration. You just need a good die casting manufacturer who is able to provide you good quality items. This is most important. You need to do enough research to find one such manufacturer who has the reputation of being trustworthy and delivers on time.

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