To keep your web access private, delete web history

Posted by vilybily on February 17th, 2015

Browsing history refers to the data of websites visited in a computer or a laptop. It gives a detailed account inclusive of the name and link of the website, the date and time of accessing it and the other details of websites accessed. The web browser records the web pages visited in the web log. The advantage of browsing history is that a track can be kept on the websites visited and lost website links can be easily found. However, the option to delete web history is available too, through which entire data or selective ones can be deleted.

Browser data that is stored helps you remember the link to the site or the password and user id to access. Every web browser, be it Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, MSN and browsers alike has the option to visit and delete the browsing history. No privacy rules are violated as the web history logs are not published anywhere. While deleting the weblog from history can be restored if the history is only deleted from the weblog, if the deletion is through any third party interference, retrieving the weblog is not possible. If you are wondering why is it necessary to delete web history, the primary reason is privacy.

If you use a shared computer, be it at office or a home, nothing of what you search remains private. Hence, it is always safe to delete the browsing history before logging out or handing over the computer to anyone else. The second important reason to delete web history is security. Again, shared computers at work or home are used to access websites that require a user id and password for usage. Saving the password of these sites makes it easy for someone else to gain an access to the account. Thus, it is safe to delete the passwords too, an option that comes with deleting the weblog.

The cache and cookies are also deleted if you opt to delete web history. Deletion of these increase the disk space and fasters the computer. However, all of it happens on the command you give. You can keep the passwords intact and yet delete the weblog, as per your convenience. Historic data can also be deleted that will delete the files downloaded and the links of the same. If you do not intend to delete the browsing data because you require weblogs for reference, finding a weblog of any date and time is easy. Classified search option provides you the exact information in no time.

There are online tutorials or articles that can guide you on how to delete web history of any web browser. Proving the specific keyword provides step-by-step flow chart on how to delete and restore browsing data. History is the data of the sites you access while navigating. Restoring, keeping or deletion of all the data including the personal forms should be decided on considering the vulnerability of the websites you visit or the data you leave in the weblog. Analyzing the series of cyber related crimes; it is advisable to store the data only if the computer is in safe and trusted hands.

It is always safe to delete web history. Only if the computer is in safe hands, store the browsing data.

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