Responsibilities of a School When Organizing Motivational School Assembly Progra

Posted by joelpenton on February 18th, 2015

Planning and organizing school assemblies shouldn't necessarily be a stressful time. With the right goals in mind, you will find prepping up for the upcoming event such a fun and exciting activity that you can enjoy with the rest of your school staff and even your students. Here are some things every school assembly organizers should remember when organizing a motivational program for students:

  • First, classify responsibilities into tasks that need to be done before the actual assembly, tasks that need to be accomplished during the event, and activities that have to be carried out after. Putting tasks into these categories will make it much easier to organize and run the event.
  • Before the event, certain things should be ironed out, like the theme of the assembly as well as the date and schedule of the activities that lead up to or must be accomplished during the event. These things often need administrative approval, especially when you plan to tackle sensitive, but relevant issues as a theme. Scheduling is also important, not only so that you can select a date that will be most convenient for all your students and staff, but also one that does not interfere with other events and activities in the school.
  • You must also develop a separate set of rules and guidelines for each aspect of the assembly, ranging from dress codes to the time limit of activities, as well as the dos and don'ts for staff and students. If necessary or if your assembly is intended to be a private event that is exclusive to the school and its students, make sure to keep a list of guests, including the students, teachers, school staff, and outsiders that are permitted to attend. It is also important to create and distribute invitation cards to special guests way before the assembly date.
  • Secure your guest motivational speaker and make sure you find a qualified professional with good experience with the exact age group your target audience is in. While most motivational speeches are universal when it comes to the principles that they teach, not all motivational speakers know how to handle the short attention span of younger audiences. Choose a professional with ample experience with students and has great stories to share, through which your kids will learn a great deal of life lessons from.

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