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Posted by SharonEvans on February 18th, 2015

It is extremely important to have a safe passageway for all the commuters travelling in public transport, whether they are on road or in air. The people operating these services are well trained in their duties and carry it efficiently but it is also important to see that they are free from any type of drugs intake which might be harmful for the passengers. For that the US Department of Transportation has laid down some significant rules and regulations which have to be followed by both employees and employers. The dot drug testing is one such way to know that all the employees working with the department are drug free and can handle the public transport in the best of their health. Likewise, the Department of Aviation conducts faa drug testing to see that the employees, on-ground or off-ground, have the capability to handle all situations in a safe and healthy way.

There might be many questions regarding the working and rules and regulations of dot (Department of Transport). These can be cleared out by the employers from the Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance (ODAPC) so that they can pass on the correct information to their employees. They have to be up-to-date in this matter in order to have the right piece of information. This is the best way to make the dot drug testing program successful and eligible. The employees can thus be clear about the various procedures that they have to go through for the testing.

Air transport is extremely risky as well as the most important means of public transport. There are places which cannot be reached by road or sea but only through air transport. The pilots flying the aircrafts have to be best in their health while flying. As it is a matter of high altitudes, it reasonably makes sense that they have to be extremely cautious all the time. Thus, the faa drug testing is just a way to confirm that the pilots are away from any kind of drug effects during their working timings.

Every agency of public transport in US is subjected to dot drug testing. It is the duty of the employer to get the employee tested before legally let him/her join the agency. From the point of view of an employee, they too have the right to know about the testing procedures and the various drugs that are to be avoided. Not only at the time of joining, this test is required but they can be tested even while in service.

The aviation industry has introduced faa drug testing for all the employees working for them whether they are directly related to the industry or are agents. The employers cannot employ anyone who has not passed out this test. The agencies carrying out these tests are approved by the government and thus are legal.

The inspections and dot drug testing and faa drug testing are to be done intermittently in order to make sure that the life of the passengers are in safe hands.

Have the moral responsibility of arranging the dot drug testing and faa drug testing and be a loyal citizen of the country.

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