Ensure Safety Sensitive Responsibility with DOT and FAA Drug Testing Consortium

Posted by tedmark on February 18th, 2015

Aviation and transportation professionals have the responsibility of safely transporting passengers. Find the opportunity to comply with federal drug and alcohol testing laws, with a committed DOT and FAA drug testing consortium.   

Risks and accidents that are associated with drug and alcohol consumption can be diminished when annual tests are applied. Companies that maintain certified drug free workplace programs benefit from governmental worker’s compensation discounts, among many positive outcomes.

A DOT drug testing consortium can help you apply a comprehensive and easy-to-use program. DOT drug testing consortium is a group of independent businesses that are highly equipped and trained to provide the best methods for pre-employment drug screening, random tests, or post-accident specimen collection. In order to meet DOT compliance requirements you need the right staff, equipment and experience in this field.

With the services provided by a member or partner of DOT drug testing consortium you benefit from policy reviews, management support services, program audit, medical review services, confidential results reporting, whether you are an individual or a public entity. There are various circumstances that require the use of a third party screening service. You can have access to testing results in no longer than 48h. You become able to easily administer compliance programs, when you get in contact with a reliable partner of DOT drug testing consortium.    

A certified FAA drug testing consortium partner enables you to find out how to mitigate risks associated with 49 CFR part 120, and properly administer all the types of testing that you are required to perform. Besides testing for prohibited substances, you also get the chance to provide training for your employees. FAA drug testing consortium members develop effective programs, and training support to help employees understand their vital role and be constantly aware of their responsibilities. Solutions that aim at diminishing risks can be discussed and accurately implemented, when you hire the services of a FAA drug testing consortium partner.

Whether you represent a small or larger company you must comply with governmental health and safety rules, which include drug and alcohol periodical testing. You can meet your compliance objectives by getting in touch with an authorized DOT or FAA drug testing consortium member. They have the right capacity, knowledge, and equipment to help you design compliance programs, management policies, outsourced drug testing, or consulting engagements. Drug and alcohol testing programs are more effective and efficient when you rely on the skills, methods and cutting edge tools of DOT and FAA drug testing consortium members.

It is also very important to acknowledge that a DOT and FAA drug testing consortium programs offer you a more extensive understanding of information associated with 49 CFR part 382 and 40. Keeping updated with changes to regulations is another essential aspect, and you can make an opinion about how efficient your program is by looking to a DOT and FAA consortium for program audit. So, get online and get informed on your alternatives for finding the best program to help you eradicate work place accidents.

Find out more about the updated DOT drug testing consortium program at: DOT drug testing consortium and read details about the advantages of FAA drug testing consortium program at: FAA drug testing consortium

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