A drug-free world can be attained by cooperating with drug testing

Posted by sharonevans on February 18th, 2015

Death due to drug abuse or the increasing number of drug addicts all over the world is an alarming fact. There are many credible companies that conduct drug testing on employees, on students of any age and people with crucial rank and file. The understanding of the need of these tests came to the surface during the middle of 1980, because that was the year which registered maximum number of cases of drug abuse for the first time. The FMCSA drug testing program was shaped eventually as the cases of drug and alcohol abuse by drivers started increasing.

The Ministry of Transport hence set a series of guidelines along with the FMCSA drug testing program to put a check on people on road, especially on drivers. The drug testing rules apply on every employee under the Ministry of Transportation, be he or she the employee of road transport services, aviation or the navy. Part 40 applies on all and it is mandatory to provide samples and cooperate during the collection of samples and specimens. If you are uncomfortable with the test, you have to provide legitimate reasons. If you have a severe medical condition and yet driving, carry a set of your prescriptions.

FMCSA stands for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Since the year 1990, the agency has framed regulations especially for employees of the road services who drive commercial conveyances including trucks. Anybody who holds a CDL, the abbreviation of Commercial Driving License comes under the surveillance of FMCSA drug testing program. 40 CRF of part 382 states the list of banned substances and rules under the FMCSA. The basic questions during the drug testing should be known by all commercial and non commercial drivers. Hair, saliva or blood samples taken are tested in authorized labs by professional testers.

There are drug testing consortiums that are thoroughly aware of substances for which the tests have to be done, the drug testing procedures and are recommended for engaging if you plan to run a testing program in your company. It is important to know the consequences of not cooperating with a FMCSA drug testing program. The test can be a planned one or can be made at random. All commercial drivers plying on public roadways and on interstate highways are mostly prone to drug and alcohol abuse while on the road. This test becomes critical to ensure that roads remain safe for people to drive.

If you are an employer, you can appoint agencies that conduct drug testing. Contact them through their website and make an appointment. Read about the various services they provide, the training programs and the detailed history of the tests like the FMCSA drug testing program from their website. Apart from alcohol, test for opium, marijuana, cocaine and other banned substances are tested for and if any employee is found to test positive then suitable action can be taken. Following a few simple rules and test can eradicate the environment from the menace of drugs and give us a healthy place to live in.

You can research online to know more about FMCSA drug testing program. In today’s world of rampant drug abuse it is prudent to schedule drug testing plans in your company on regular basis.