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Posted by SharonEvans on February 18th, 2015

It is the combined effort of federal government agencies and you as employers to create a drug-free workplace. Concerned agencies have outlined several drug testing programs designed exclusively for different industries. For those employed in the transport sector, DOT drug testing program is essential for getting new license and renewing existing ones or getting a new job. Aviation industry has very stringent rules regarding drug and alcohol abuse for all the employees involved in operational function. Not only those having on-board duty, staff who provide support services on the ground are also required to undergo FAA drug testing consortium rules and regulations.

Instead of calling any laboratory to get your employees tested for alcohol or drugs, it is advised that you take the services of authorized centers for DOT drug testing program. They will test and screen your employees as per guidelines set by Department of Transport. Any change in rules and regulations is well within their knowledge and they will give reports accordingly. These centers have liaison with labs having latest technical and software support for testing and analysis. FAA drug testing consortium will ensure that you are always complying with the aviation industry drug programs.

Services rendered by FAA drug testing consortium include testing of samples in laboratories, collection of specimens for testing, analysis and preparation of report. If requested by you delivery of report will be kept confidential so that you can take necessary decisions accordingly. Specific needs mentioned by you will be kept in mind during testing for alcohol, drugs and other banned substances. Companies with vast experience in DOT drug testing program also offers audit services for previous drug test reports and any deviance will be reported to you.

Apart from industries like transport and aviation, drug testing for employees in general firms is also important from time to time. You can get your employees screened annually or after a fixed time as decided by the management. This helps in keeping employee efficiency levels high at all times and maintain a congenial workplace atmosphere. Private individuals also sometimes need services of drug testing companies. Those involved in custody of children, protection of child rights or contestable divorce cases need information on drug or alcohol abusing habit. DOT drug testing program is completed fast and efficiently. FAA drug testing consortium has all the laboratories certified by relevant authorities.

DOT drug testing program involves testing of specimens sampled from your employees like urine, hair or breath. Testing is carried for pre-employment procedures, return to work testing, suspicion testing, testing post accident or follow up testing. After any road accident a driver is tested thoroughly for presence of alcohol or drug in his body. It is a common practice to conduct breath analyzer testing on city roads to test for banned substance abuse. This practice puts out a word of caution for all drivers. Use of amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, opium or alcohol is tested by FAA drug testing consortium to ensure that the employees are in the right frame to deliver. You can safely rely on these companies for speedy and dependable service and carry on operations by complying with all rules.

Safe and legal FAA drug testing consortium provides services at reasonable rates. Round the clock service is available for DOT drug testing program.

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