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Posted by SharonEvans on February 18th, 2015

Drug testing is chemical analysis carried out on blood, saliva or urine samples to determine the occurrence of specific banned drugs in the body. One of the most important aspects of drug testing is the one conducted prior to employment. Drug testing by police department after an accident or a crime is common and so is ways to prevent such incidents from taking place. Drug testing program for DOT is another vital area of operation that ensures that the road transport department conducts its operations in a safe and secured manner.

Drug testing is not always associated with wrong doings. It is mandatory for all those who are associated with the business of public or cargo transportation. They may be engaged in aviation, railways, land-based public transport, commercial vehicles or any other form. The rules laid down for drug testing program for DOT are stringent. In the published guidelines it is specified who can conduct drug testing and the procedures for doing the same. Test reports are provided by the labs after checking each and every sample thoroughly. Jobs in transport sector involve safety first and drug testing is a step in that direction.

Drug testing program for DOT involves testing urine samples for drugs which are not legal and analyzing the breath of the concerned person to check whether he has consumed alcohol or not. Level of alcohol and time gap before joining duty is noted. All these are must as companies in transport business need to give proof of their compliance with drug policy. For different types of abusive substances the period of detection may vary. Drug testing centers must keep in mind what is the exact substance they are checking for. It is quite common for traces of the substance to be present in urine sample even days after consumption.

Drug testing program for DOT has outlined very clear procedure for screening each and every banned substance be it alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, opium, morphine or phencyclidine. You must ensure the drug testing center has its own laboratory that is equipped with modern facilities and is certified by the authorities to carry out such tests. They are professional in their approach and you can be confident that all samples will be analyzed with care and efficiency. Reports are prepared in the pre-determined format as per DOT requirement. Neither you nor your employee will be inconvenienced in any way during the entire testing procedure.

In case an employee fails the drug testing program for DOT then the person cannot join duty or would be given less sensitive job to do. The person may be directed to a drug rehab centre if the offence is a routine one. In case of failing the test, the employee has to undergo the drug testing process again in order to gain clearance and be declared fit for joining duty. Sometimes random tests are carried out to ensure that you have a drug-free workplace. You can engage expert testing centers to help maintain a safe work atmosphere that gives you and your employees comfort to work in.

Get the best drug testing program for DOT implemented to keep your employees safe and comfortable. For reliable drug testing rely on centers that are well experienced in this business.

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