Valentine's Day Candy and Your Teeth

Posted by adortalukdar on February 18th, 2015

Valentine's Day is one of the most celebrated days in a year and there are some good reasons as to why this is the case. This special day is essentially characterized by flowers, romance and of course candy to spice things up. With the unique combination of all these, you can be sure that this is truly a day of indulgent and excitement. Sweet treats are highly associated with this day but at the same time, you should known that consumption of candy excessively can affect the health of your teeth adversely.

Effects of candy on your teeth

Heart shaped candies are essentially the most popular types of candies on the Valentine Day and you could be surprised at the amount of money that people spend in buying them. During this romantic holiday, chewing some candy is a perfect way to add some sense of sweetness to the day. However, as you probably know already, candy can have some very devastating effects on your teeth especially when you take it irresponsibly. Unfortunately, despite people being well aware of how candy can destroy their teeth, they still continue taking it.

Essentially, candy can have a great disadvantage on your teeth by engineering and promoting teeth decay. When the sugar in the candy meets with bacteria at your mouth, this usually leads to production of acid and this can attack your teeth. Food items such as candy are known to harbor some bacteria which can result in cavities. As such, the cavities can cause tooth decay and can essentially lead to the destruction of tooth structures and this can affect your inner teeth layers in a devastating manner.

Caring for your teeth on Valentine

It is important that you take very good care of your teeth on Valentine's Day regardless of your crave for candies. Brushing your teeth for example after taking the candy will help ensure that your teeth stay in an amazing condition. Besides this, something else that you can do is to floss the teeth and combine the candies with nutrient dense foods. Still on the same note, it is very important that you keep your consumption of candies well in control. Finally, make sure that you visit your dentist for regular cleanings and exams.

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