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Posted by tedmark on February 18th, 2015

Companies and institutions that provide services which imply a responsibility for customers’ safety must be compliant with federal rules about drug and alcohol testing. Discover the efficiency of some programs developed by drug testing consortium partners.

Public transportation drivers, train operators, aviators, mechanics, manufacturers, lorry drivers, and other type of businesses and institutions have a big responsibility for the passengers’ safety, or for their clients’ security. That’s why there are governmental rules which state that the management department of these institutions should implement periodical drug testing programs. These programs are designed and structured to be as efficient as possible and eradicate problems and risks that are associated with the use of illegal substances or alcohol.

Drug testing consortium has the purpose of finding efficient solutions for mitigating security risks. A drug testing consortium has members and partners who dedicate to this purpose for decades and improve their strategic projects and equipment used for the tests. Today, drug testing consortium can provide updated testing programs. These programs don’t resume to detecting drug addicts. Sometimes, through these programs you can find trainings that aim at helping employees to become more aware of their responsibilities, but also of the negative effects of using illegal drugs.

Drug prevention solutions can be found with drug testing consortium. You can check a person’s background prior to hiring, you can opt for random testing, also implement drug testing policies that your employees acknowledges from the first day of work. A drug testing consortium works with partners who constantly invest in equipment and the best testing methods. An efficient drug testing program should be easy to use and hassle free. It can happen on-site, or at the closest collection center. The results are confidential and ready within 48h. If you would like to change and improve the internal policies regarding drug abuse, you should learn more about federal requirements and how to best implement them. Drug testing consortium provide assistance to help you with all of these processes.

Asking for the competent assistance of a drug testing consortium partner is a step forward, so that a clean and safe workplace is ensured. Possible accidents that may occur due to lack of focus, or bad behavior can be eliminated. A drug testing consortium can decide when and where a person should go for a random drug testing program. These programs are required by law, especially in companies where clients’ safety is directly concerned, and becomes a responsibility for the certain institution. If this aspect is neglected the company supports charges and heavy fines.

There are online sites where you can read drug testing consortium audit, and receive guidance about how to be compliant with federal requirements. You should also know that these programs are not expensive and are highly required for ensuring a safe and healthy work place. So, get online and get further informed on drug testing consortium programs and partners.

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