How To Quit Smoking Using E-Cigarettes?

Posted by stratovape on February 19th, 2015

Smoking is a harmful habit that causes serious health concerns, but unfortunately, quitting smoking is not easy. Tobacco cravings can wear you down when you're trying to quit smoking or chewing tobacco. Fortunately, e-cigarettes are there to help people quit smoking easily. E-cigarettes can be filled with flavored e-liquids like-vanilla e-liquids, mint e-liquids, chocolate e-liquids etc. Here’s an article by Stratosphere LLC that explains how you can quit smoking using e-cigarettes.

What are e-cigarettes?

An Electronic cigarette (e-cig) is a portable, battery-powered device that simulates smoking by vaporizing E-liquid (containing PG and/or VG) and flavoring yet still delivering nicotine (nicotine levels can vary, down to 0 mg, depending on what the user wants. It generates a smoke-like vapor and provides the same hand-to-mouth, inhalation experience as smoking. It has been shown to reduce cravings among smokers, not just for nicotine, but also for the relaxation, associated with inhaling and exhaling vapor.


What are their advantages?

Gradually reduces the urge for tobacco cigarettes

When you switch from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes, you may find that the urge for cigarettes is diminished completely.  You might wonder how you ever enjoyed the nasty taste of a cigarette.

No Harmful Smoke

E-cigarettes do not have ominous odor because instead of exhaling smoke, you’re exhaling a vapor that evaporates almost immediately and produces smell that is reminiscent of cotton candy, mint or any other flavor.


E-cigarettes are less addictive

E-cigarettes are less addictive and have fewer carcinogens than a traditional cigarette. Cigarettes contain well over 4,000 harmful chemicals along with the nicotine. But when you use e-cigarettes, you’re getting the nicotine, propylene glycol, flavor and the hand to mouth sensation that makes vaping work over other alternatives. Once you are used to vaping you will start using it less, and treat it more like an analogue cigarette.

How to use e-cigarettes to quit smoking

E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that vaporize liquid, often containing nicotine and other flavorings, such as bubble gum, mint or chocolate. E-cigarettes can be easily filled with e-liquids that are available in many flavors. You can contact Stratosphere LLC for e-liquid free shipping to your address. The key to using an e-cigarette to quit is to gradually wean yourself off nicotine by moving to lower and lower doses.

Other therapies to try along with e-cigarettes

Practice relaxation techniques

Take the edge off stress by practicing relaxation techniques. These include deep-breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, yoga, visualization, hypnosis and massage.

Get online support

Join an online stop-smoking program. Or read a quitter's blog and post encouraging thoughts for someone else who might be struggling with tobacco cravings. Learn from how others have handled their tobacco cravings.

Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health, but it’s also one of the most difficult. Thanks to e-cigarettes, people now have an effective way to quit smoking and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. E-cigarettes produce no tar or smoke and their e-liquids are available in many varieties from Stratosphere LLC, to suit your every mood.

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