8 Social media marketing strategies for the tourism industry

Posted by Sarah Jones on February 22nd, 2021

Irrespective of the kind of business you’re in, building a rapport with your customer base is crucial for your business to succeed. Social media marketing for the tourism industry is becoming more and more popular with the industry leaders day by day. 

It can be said without an iota of doubt that tourism is one of the most critical factors in boosting a country’s economy. Of late, a few companies and countries have started to popularize their tourist destinations through social media marketing. This has not only revolutionized the customer service experience but has also sped up the process radically.

Below are a few strategies that are sure to help any tourism company scale new heights through social media marketing

  1. Receive your guests with open arms

Trying to plan a vacation can indeed be quite frustrating. A lot of it has to be planned well in advance, for example, the destinations to be visited, lodging, etc. Gathering the complete knowledge required for fulfilling a pleasant travel experience is quite a thorough process. Tourism companies can help travelers plan it all out seamlessly through innovative methods. Giving them an insider’s perspective on things will help them out quite a lot and generate positive customer feedback, which helps the business in a big way.

  1. Communicating real-time updates to the prospective clients

Social media marketing in the tourism industry has helped open mediums to the public, disseminating real-time information on travel and destinations. These help travelers plan their travels with more ease and convenience.

  1. Firsthand accounts

Travel stories are perhaps the fascinating thing ever for travelers. The firsthand account of a fellow traveler’s escapades is sure to attract more travelers to your business’s social media account. Not only are these interesting to read for the travelers, but also they inspire other fellow travelers to explore those destinations themselves. 

  1. Creating a community 

Creating a community by sharing pictures, videos, etc., on your social media account will also make other travelers flock to your social media account and create a lively community full of discussions, suggestions, and more travel stories. These are sure to make the travelers feel like going on a trip.

  1. Checking in 

Everyone active on social media is familiar with the feature of checking in to a place that lets other people know which establishment they’re in. Doing this will popularize your business to a broader audience, and more popularity among the traveling community is sure to generate more revenue for the company. Promoting your business through fun activities and online contests is a very effective method for generating more sales.

  1. Becoming more interactive with the customers

People tend to spend a considerable amount of time online, and they generally talk to other people regarding their experiences and other things related to traveling. Social media for tour companies presents a massive opportunity for business owners to directly intervene in such a discussion at an informal level and reassure the customers for better services if they have any grievances. Such a prompt nature of feedback acceptance is sure to make a positive impression on the existing clients and the prospective customer base. This makes the relationship with customers more organic and cordial, making the customers share a positive review on the internet.

  1. The fun factor

You should take every opportunity to make your organization appear a bit quirky and fun-loving. Traveling is something that rejuvenates a person’s soul. It is overall a fun experience, but certain aspects of traveling can appear to be mundane and dull to some of your customers who travel a lot due to their occupation or any other reason. For such a person listening to the same exemplary videos repeatedly can become drab and mundane. Making videos funnier can make the overall experience a bit more pleasant for such a traveler.

  1. Interacting on prominent social media platforms

Creating content in all the major social media sites for travelers to consume can help direct a lot of attention towards your business, which will increase your business’s overall popularity.

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