Big Data Analytics ? An overview

Posted by dunitzsantrino on February 20th, 2015

Data is in use on a daily basis in mobiles, laptops, buses, censored building and in other projects. Data should be visualized and we should able to form patterns out of data. The raw data is being converted into useful information in solving a problem in the fastest way possible is called as analysing the data.

Big Data analytics is one of the techniques that is used to run the database in the cloud. Big Data is used to improve manufacturing sector and better pricing decisions. Most of the companies in America are based in manufacturing sector.

There are many institutes that provide coaching on Big Data Hadoop. We need to select the institute carefully where coaching is provided by experts. There is a recent summit that happened in Hyderabad on Jan 17th where the topics of Big Data and analytics are discussed in detail. Big Data usually focus on user centric applications, to make it simple, making data analysis accessible to everyone, created links between related consultancy services, providing data as a service. Some of the top Big Data companies in India are Heckyl, Sigmoid Analytics, Flutura, Indix, Fractal Analytics, Crayon Data, Germin8, Aureus Analytics, Dataswft, C360, Metaome, Frrole, Bridgei2i, Formcept and Prompt Cloud.

Big Data and Analytics are used in many sectors like banking, e-Commerce, Automobile and in telecom industries. In banking sector, it is used by HDFC, ICICI, Axis Bank. In E-commerce sector, it is used by FlipKart and Snapdeal. In Automobile sector, it is used by Tata motors and Mahindra Mahindra. In telecom sector, it is used by Bharati Airtel and Idea Cellular.

Big Data Analytics India has been growing on a faster rate and increases its customers because of the ease of the use data and its analyses algorithms are helpful to know the customer feedback. The goal of Big Data Analytics India is used to make business related decisions with the help of predictive modellers. Big Data can be analysed with data mining, text analysis and statistical analysis. The data should be in the format of relational database and the technology that is used is Hadoop.

Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) by which files are sorted out in the database. Some of the Big Data solutions are Google Analytics, Insight Squared, Qualtrics and Tranzlogic. Continuous delivery of structured data and making the customer happy will help the business to gain profits. Most of them uses Agile approach and some of the case studies are Healthcare Analytics Provider and AutoTrader. Big Data is also related to Pentaho, SAP and SQL Database. Big Data is one of the new technology that should be studied by each and every student to be in the top career.

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