Is privacy really dead?

Posted by surfeasy on February 20th, 2015

This month, published an article instructing us all to “say goodbye to privacy“.

The site believes that the Internet of Things (IoT) will add a great deal to our lives, but also that it will “take our privacy in payment”, and that the very concept of privacy will be rewritten under our very noses.

But are they correct?

There’s certainly some truth in the fact that the IoT will change the way the web works. Big Data is going to take a front seat in the IoT, and as Big Data already threatens our privacy in a number of ways, this is quite an alarming thought. The IoT is going to bring the digital domain into the human world in a whole new way, and this means that our details are more likely to be widely shared – if we let it be.

But does this really mean that privacy is dead?

Wired’s conclusion seems to hinge on the assumption that when the privacy line is blurred, we will cease to care about it. We don’t think that this is correct. Here at SurfEasy we believe that as people become more aware of the ways in which their privacy is threatened, they invest more time and effort into protecting it. When you realise what is at stake, you take steps to make sure you don’t lose it altogether.

With encryption technology, we already have methods of defence in our grasp. SurfEasy VPN uses bank-grade encryption to ensure that our users are kept anonymous and hidden online, and to make sure that the privacy of everyone is maintained. We accept BitCoin through BitPay to ensure that you don’t ever have to give us your financial information, and our no-log system means that we don’t keep any information about your downloads, your web time or your browsing.

You can use SurfEasy VPN on your laptop, home computer, mobile device and tablet, meaning that wherever you are or whatever you’re doing, privacy protection is right at your fingertips.

Should we say goodbye to privacy? We don’t think so.

Start looking after your privacy today at

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