Homes for Sale and Neighbor's Home - A Connection Often Overlooked

Posted by Aya Netanel on February 22nd, 2021

Home selling and neighbor's home are connected in a certain way that we often overlook. But the fact is that the curb appeal of your home gets affected by the curb appeal of your neighboring homes. So having a good relationship with your neighbors is necessary to make your home's sale process easy and hassle-free.

Often while preparing to sell homes sellers ignore to consider their neighbor's home. Usually, the biggest concern at that time is to get the soon-to-be listed home cleaned, painted and landscaped for enhancing its curb appeal. Therefore, taking the neighbor's house into consideration is often overlooked. But the fact is that all the effort you put in improving your home's appearance may go in vain if one of your neighbors does not care much for their home's exterior.

When the home of your neighbor looks unappealing, the first impression of your home's potential buyer might not be that good as you expect. Even the unsightly property of your neighbor can hamper your home's appearance, no matter how much improvement you have done for listing your homes for sale.

So if you are planning to list your homes for sale in Germantown, then make sure to plan everything ahead a bit. Following are a few tips that will help you avoid additional costs due to your neighbors when you are selling your home.

Build Friendly Relationships with Neighbors

Even if you do not have any plan to sell your home now, it is always a great step to maintain friendly and cordial relationships with your neighbors. You never know when you might need them. There will be several issues that may come up during a home sale. The issues might range from repairing fences to retaining walls and more which can often bring a neighbor into your home sale process. When you have a good relationship with your neighbor, they will cooperate with you whenever you need them at a critical time during listing your homes for sale in Germantown.

Keep your Neighbors in the Loop

If you have plans to put your homes for sale in the near future, giving the neighbors a heads-up well in advance is a great idea. It becomes easy to approach your neighbors when you need assistance from them for any reason while selling your home if you have given them a notice in advance. Knocking at their door at the last moment  and requesting for their cooperation may not be a good decision as they may deny!

Offer to Pay for the Improvements

Asking your neighbors to reseed their lawn, changing their fence or painting their exterior to help your sale is extremely challenging. You can ask them to pay for it and you can expect resistance. If you want your neighbor to work on enhancing your home's curb appeal to help your sale then the money must come out of your pocket. Moreover you cannot force your neighbor to use your landscaper, painter or contractor even you are paying for it. After all it is their home and you need to tread lightly.

However, make sure not to force them to work in your timeframe or within your rules as it might backfire once your home is listed publicly. Also, for better guidance and help get in touch with a reputable and professional realtor in Germantown MD.

Happy Home Selling to You!

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