5 Remote IT Support Software You Can Try

Posted by dawson12 on February 20th, 2015

As an energetic business owner wanting to make huge profits, you will definitely find remote customer service to be an exciting opportunity. Market too understands this increasing popularity of remote support and offers numerous options to help you in this regard. Here is an overview of 5 tools you can try.

Top 5 remote IT support tools

Like everything else, Internet is the most reliable source of information in this regard. Do a research and you will come across as many free or paid software as you need. Given below is a brief description of the most popular among them.

  1. 1.       Chrome remote desktop application

If you just have to do the basic repairs on your client’s computer, this is the best choice. The application is completely free of cost both for commercial and personal use. It is compatible with OS X and Windows and with Linux to a certain extent.  Install the software, log on to the Chrome browser and access a computer anywhere in the world. However, understand that it does not support mobile browsers. You may also face trouble when trying to access multiple systems. Still, Chrome remote desktop application is the fastest available to download on the Internet at present.

  1. 2.       Teamviewer

The desire for an application which is rich in features and easy to install will take you to Teamviewer. It works well in most of the mobile and PC browsers. And, you won’t have any trouble to access multiple systems using this application. You may have to pay a premium if you want to use it for commercial purposes. It can even wake up a sleeping computer upon being connected. When the work gets completed, the software puts the system back to sleep. It also works well with the great firewalls you have set up on your PC.

  1. 3.       Zoho

Known fondly as “computer magic,” Zoho is the favorite of professionals and casual computer users alike. The great thing about the software is that you don’t need to install anything on your PC. Just open the website and click “Start a free remote session now!” The site even allows you to stay in touch throughout the session; it features an in-built chatting facility. Choose from among the three options to invite customers to connect with you. File transfer is a simple thing here. You can even restart the client’s PC and reconnect it when it comes online.

  1. 4.       ScreenLeap

This is a small screen-sharing tool. It works well in a java-enabled platform. Visit the website and click “sharing.” You will get a code. Give it to your customer; within twenty seconds, you will have access to your customer’s PC.

  1. 5.       FreeScreenSharing

This too is a great website designed for those offering remote support to their clients. Conduct meetings online as long as you want. Just make sure that no session exceeds the six-hour time limit.

The field is truly vast with unlimited choices. Know what the client wants and customize the remote IT support you offer accordingly.

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