Reasons Why Outsourcing QA is A Great Idea!

Posted by Consagous Technologies on February 22nd, 2021

In the last few years, technology has paved way for a lot of new changes at a pretty rapid pace. Today, every technology has customer satisfaction as its core point of focus, something that was almost impossible before. With something new coming up every day, businesses have witnessed a revolution of sorts with increased sophistication in technology.

As a result, software testing and quality assurance have changed dramatically too. The present circumstances have made quality software QA testing highly integral for businesses across all industries. While ensuring a quality product is a great idea, an interesting question pops up- 

In-house QA testing or outsourcing it? Which will be a better choice?

Because competition has become very intense, impeccable quality is a mandatory requirement for any business to stay in the game. Getting professional software quality assurance service providers can help things to a great extent, enhancing the overall software development process. 

We will present you with several reasons why outsourcing your software QA testing is a much better idea-

1- Swift Expansion of Resources

Anyone you bring in for your QA becomes an essential part of your team. Moreover, this does not take away your control in the slightest as you stay completely aware of the testing process and its progress. You also get to remain an active participant within the whole planning and communication process as it happens, which is just perfect!

In other words, the right outsourcing will make you feel about it like an extension of your own resources, but with increased experience and not compromising on the drain of resources.

2- Cost-Effectiveness

Involved finances are one of the most crucial things for any business, whenever outsourcing is under consideration. This thought process has become all the more critical given how the COVID-19 has taken everyone a lot of time to hit home with the fundamentals.

Outsourcing of QA and software testing is highly cost-effective as there is no need to pay huge salaries and invest time in the HR processes. A more polished workforce and consolidated infrastructure are in store for you, bringing you better returns for every penny you invested. 

3- Better Understanding of Agile

Agile methodology has been nothing short of a revelation for better content creation in these digital times. To make full use of the Agile potential, you will need QA experts armed with the right kind of knowledge for a smooth development process. Agile methodology is best implemented with proper coordination among experts and involves constant innovation so that a product is not faced with constant breaks. With constantly guided testing in patches, it is easy to uncover any errors or bugs that could involve huge costs if they get discovered later on in the development process.

Only the best software testing and quality assurance services can make the most optimum use of Agile methodologies.

4- Timely Deliveries

When it is about developing any kind of software, timely delivery is always one of the most important priorities. Delayed timelines can adversely hamper the product quality with a generous splattering of bugs as well. When there is pressure to ensure delivery on time, it becomes all the more important to boost the QA testing process. 

An outsourced QA testing team can handle the testing process effortlessly so that you get more time to stay on track with the development process.

5- Enhanced Flexibility

When QA is done with an outsourced team, there is a lot of flexibility in terms of what you need to spend. There are a number of instances when software becomes a little too complex to handle during the development process. 

You can bring in a QA team right when the requirement arises, keeping your budget in control within it all. The sheer flexibility of resources is something that makes it enough to keep hire external services for software QA.


There are a number of apps that are making their way into the market every day. More or less, user expectations are on the same lines. A failed product disappears the moment it fails to impress, such is the competition.

To put it in a nutshell, if you are not knowledgeable about QA, it’s absolutely best to outsource it. Consagous Technologies has been offering professional software testing and quality assurance services for more than a decade and can be the perfect choice for you.  

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