9 Reasons You Need Angular Developer for Your Next Project

Posted by Stephen Foster on February 22nd, 2021

Developed by Google in 2009, Angular is an open-source front-end framework that helps in developing dynamic and interactive web apps. First introduced as Angular JS1, Angular is a ground-up rewrite of Angular JS1 that came into use in 2016. The front-end framework gained huge traction with more than 44.3% of software engineers using it to create lighter and faster apps.

Here is a checklist of some leading reasons for hiring experienced Angular Developers for angular development services for your next project.

  1. Supported by Google
    Angular is supported by Google and this makes developers assured of getting Google’s Long-Term Support. With reliable technical support and periodic updates, developers can rely on stability, security, and improvisation with Google Apps like Google hangouts and Gmail which are also developed using Angular.
  2. Simplified MVC Pattern
    With MVC (Model-View-Controller) software architectural setup, Angular eliminates the need for Directives, and getter and setters. It facilitates quick development with less coding.
  3. TypeScript
    Angular web apps are developed using the TypeScript language that is a superscript of JavaScript and more secure than it. It facilitates users to find and eliminate errors made while writing the code. Besides seamless debugging, TypeScript also provides improved navigation, refactoring, and auto compilation services.
  4. Code Consistency
    Very few things can be more crucial than code consistency in app development. Developers can use templates and pre-defined code snippets and reuse the code without wasting their time in rewriting them. Besides this, it makes it easier for users to read the code and testers to test and maintain them.
  5. Ease of Testing and Maintenance
    When testing the whole web application, users can automate it by checking each module or part of the application. Angular follows the ‘one-file-one-module’ principle that makes testing easier and saves time. Besides this, any Angular components can be easily decoupled and replaced, making it easier to update and maintain the code.
  6. Declarative UI
    Angular uses HTML to define the UI of the web or mobile application. Unlike JavaScript, HTML is an intuitive, declarative, and less complex language. Users don’t need to be concerned in deciding the program’s flows or to what loads first. They can define their requirements and Angular will take care of them.
  7. Angular CLI
    The command-line interface tools facilitate developers to create a new Angular project, add features, go for unit testing and maintain the application seamlessly. It helps automate the Angular development workflow that enhances the code quality.
  8. Dependency injection
    Dependency injection is another important feature of Angular. When you make changes in one part of the code, it will show how other parts are affected by the change. Thus, reading, maintaining and testing the code is easier and time-savvy.
  9. Angular Universal
    Angular Universal is another name for Server-Side rendering that offers a host of benefits for project development. It renders your application to HTML on the Node.js server and makes it easy for bots to crawl on your web app. Besides, it decreases the page loading time and improves apps performance on mobile phones.

Hiring an experienced web development company for angular development is of paramount importance for developing enterprise web apps, progressive web apps, or single-page applications.

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