The importance of having a security camera system in your home or business:

Posted by markwahl barg on February 22nd, 2021

The investment in monitoring home security systems has been a perfect alternative for residential or industrial owners who want to guarantee the security of their property, especially when considering the high rate of violence registered in recent years.

This monitoring set can be a great ally, whether to monitor, view or record images in different environments simultaneously. Since by itself, it inhibits the action of criminals, this makes the owner feel calm and safe.

The registration and visualization of strategic points by the camera system dramatically increase the security of the monitored locations, since they allow the recognition and recording of facts, without necessarily having to depend on witnesses in cases of incidents.

Common models:

- IP camera: the IP camera comes with an internal server that sends the images to the internet, without the need for a recording center. The camera has its IP address and can be found in both wired and wireless versions.

- Infrared camera: this is a characteristic of the camera and means that it has sensors that light up when they detect low light. The disadvantage of this model is the low quality of the images. The price is usually the lowest.

- Box camera: this model is professional and large, offering excellent image quality. However, this model is the most expensive.

- Camouflaged Camera: this model can be installed on small objects and is ideal for those who need to shoot without being noticed. Its disadvantage is the low resolution of the images.

Main advantages of having home security systems:

Video monitoring provides benefits to the user, not just material goods. It is evident that the main advantage lies in security, but also, it stands out:

- Protection

- Greater control over who enters or leaves the house or establishment

- Higher quality for people living in space

- Monitoring the flow of people on site

- Emergency agility

- Control

- Facility to identify individuals

- Removal of criminals

- Decreased recurrence.

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